Propagation of Helichrysum petiolare (Lemon Licorice)

michgardenAugust 27, 2012

I would like to know how to propagate Helichrysum petiolare (Lemon Licorice Plant). Can it be done by stem cuttings, like Coleus or other plants? I have tried stem cuttings a few times with no success. If not, what is the best propagation method? Thanks!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It comes very easy from either tip or interdodal cuttings. This is a different plant, but prepare cuttings like this:

It's important that the medium you use holds lots of air and doesn't stay soggy. Cut just below a node with a very sharp blade to avoid crushing the stem. Clip the leaves off the node(s) that will go in the soil, then stick the cuttings. You can use 100% perlite or a mix of almost all perlite + a little peat. I usually use the gritty mix (you might not be familiar with it). Keep the medium damp, not wet. Put the cuttings in open or dappled shade (open is best) and wait. If you think the medium is getting dry, use a spritzer to mist the soil, but not the leaves. If you're doing only a few cuttings, you can use a set-up like this:

or stick the cuttings in the bottom of a milk jug with the top cut off and slip the top back into the bottom. This single cutting is in a yogurt cup, but you can plant directly in the bottom of the jug. If you decide to follow this procedure, let me know & I'll offer some easy tips that will help ensure success.

Note the slits (hard to see) in the top half of the milk jug - makes it easier to nest the top down into the bottom.

This keeps humidity high in the air surrounding the cuttings. If you post a picture of a cutting, I'll give more specific direction.


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Great tips and advices. I will definitely try it out. I have done it with stem cuttings, just like how I did with the Coleus, but I have never had any success with the lemon licorice plant. My coleus did very well though. I'm gonna try again and will let you know how it turns out.
Thank you again!

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