Burning Bush

NellieMAugust 19, 2004

Hello! This is my first time posting here. I am not a gardner........but I have two beautiful "Burning Bushes". I don't know them by any other name. They have green leaves during the spring and summer, until the fall, when the leaves turn red. They are really beautiful.

My question concerning them is this: What time of year would be a good time to trim them down a bit? They really are getting quite large and almost covering the house windows. I don't want to do anything that would ruin them, the neighborhood admires them and they are so pretty in the fall. Can anyone help me or send me a link as to how to take care of this? If it helps with any answers, I live in Massachusetts..........


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Trim them any time, I do.

Go to Google.com and do a search for them.


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Thanks for the link.........it is so close to the time they will be turning red that I thik I will wait a bit before trimming them.

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Burning bushes are invasive plants like Norway maples that would be better off not planting.

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Funny you should mention the Norway Maple. We foolishly planted one 33 years ago when we first moved to this house. You can guess what a mistake that was! I just this past spring convinced my husband that it was time to take that **&&!!## tree down. The roots were unbelieveable and most above ground. A tragic accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, this tree also spawned 7 others just outside our property line. One day at a time, one tree at a time. Little by little they will come down.

I do not however, find the Burning Bush invasive. This is the first time in about 10 years that we feel the need to have to trim them.

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