Arches in the garden

lavender_lass(4b)September 21, 2010

I know most of you have seen my 1920s/kitchen garden, so I'm not going to post the picture again. I have the one arch in this garden and the arbor with benches. The arbor will have clematis (less bees/yellow jackets than roses) and I want to put in two more arches for the 'little potager' on the other end of the garden. These three arches will be for veggies like cherry tomatoes and purple climbing beans...maybe some gourds, if they're not too heavy.

I found this picture (second one down on the link) and it's what I'd like my garden to look like, in a much more scaled down, veggies instead of roses, kind of way. LOL

For the borders, instead of boxwood, I'm going to use marigolds. They'll be four 3'x5' beds, with the two arches forming a tunnel and the other arch (the one already there) being off to the side and perpendicular, much like the ones on the side in the photo. On either side of the front arch, there will be annual beds for vegetables and flowers. The rest of the garden is going to be perennials.

What do you think? Does anyone else get ideas from pictures and scale it way back to fit their gardens...and maybe change out more formal planting for cottage garden plants? Just curious...and thanks for any suggestions :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Arches in the garden

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OMG. Why do you show me photos like this? Do you want me to do more dreaming than I already do???? ;)

A marigold border sounds interesting and totally doable! Clever idea. Of course I get ideas from pictures of other gardens and definitely have to scale them back. Take my second sunken garden for instance - it's practically a miniature of an estate garden.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I am DYING to something like this in my garden. Except I don't have any idea where, or where I'd find the money to do it, but a set of multiple arches has always been enchanting to me.

Good luck with your project. Be sure to share pictures when you're done.

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lisa33(6b Bucks County PA)

Gorgeous! My only thought is that in a small space, the arches creating shade might be an issue depending on what you plan to plant on them and under them. With my teeny tiny potager, I am paranoid about creating shade!

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Well. I feel inadequate. :-/

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Holleygarden - I don't know about TX, but around here, this time of year, most stores are dying to get rid of any garden stuff, so that they don't have to store it. You can sometimes even negotiate for a price you can handle. Another idea is to make a twig arbour of some kind of local wood that will last. Cedar here is a good choice, not the sumac that I used!! lol. Other inexpensive ideas are old lengths of cattle/pig fence, that you can put into the ground and bend over. Just a few cheap ideas.

Lisa, you don't so much create shade as create more sun. My pole beans loved my twig arbour this year, and produced lots of beans in turn.


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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

Thanks for the ideas, Nancy! Now, to find the perfect spot.....

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