Brown Turkeys? Help in Identifying Please

joe_grandinettiOctober 1, 2008


I really appreciate all of the sharing of information and great advice on this forum. I hoping to get some opinions on what varieties two of my fig trees might be.

I have had these trees for about 8 years and had just assumed they were brown turkeys, based on some basic research at the time - now I'm starting to question myself the more I read on this forum and Jon's Encanto Farm Fig forum.

One tree, I acquired as a one-year old rooted cutting from a Mr. Leo who has been growing the mother tree (in ground) in north eastern PA for 20 years or so. He does not know the true variety of the fig. The other I rooted from a cutting taken from my wife's uncle Corrado's fig tree, growing in ground at the New Jersey shore.

The leaves of these trees are of the same basic shapes - in fact each tree has leaves of slightly different shapes on the same tree.

First - the "Leo Fig". Figs are somewhat smaller and darker than the other tree. Flavor is a litle more concentrated and slightly sweeter. From Leo Fig From Leo Fig

Next the "Corrado Fig" - figs are slightly larger and more "reddish" in skin color, as opposed to purplish "Leo Fig". The "Corrado Fig" is a little less intense in flavor and internal coloring as well. From Corrado Fig From Corrado Fig From Corrado Fig

From Corrado Fig

I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions anyone may have. Also - I am definitely NOT trying to name these unknown figs as "Leo" or "Corrado" - but did so solely for this discussion. Thank you all in advance.


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pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)

Neither looks like BT to me.

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the corrado leaves look like my brown turkey leaves more than the leo. My leaves are mainly 3 lobed and very rounded, large and flimzy. But I could not say, it is my first brown turkey and it is still small.

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satellitehead(z8 ATL Metro)

Corrado leaf looks more like Brown Turkey, but the void inside the fruit is much less than my BT, the pulp is way darker, and it looks much tastier.

I don't think either are BT. Can you post some pictures of the eyes of the fruit when still green? My brown turkey has a characteristic 'pink eye' like this when green:

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frozenjoe(9 Arizona)


I'm not sure what varieties of figs you have. But I am curious about how these two trees do in your PA winters. Do u grow them in containers or in the ground? Do you provide winter protection for them? Do u get any damage on them in the winter? And what about the original Leo tree? Is it in the ground?


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Your Leo fig looks great. Doesn't look like any of my Brown Turkey strains.


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