alright...what's EATING my coleus?

green_frog(SEPAz6)August 3, 2004

Are July and August pretty much an open buffet for any nocturnal squishy thing? I'm dealing with a minor "slug" event in my shade garden and have been "hunting" after dark with the very recommended "ammonia and h20" spray. It works GREAT for the hostas...they seem quite happy and hole free. But I'm assuming that these little slimy suckers are ALSO chomping on my coleus as they are in the same bed so I've been spraying them, too. But they seem to be even holier the next day. DO slugs EAT coleus, too? They don't seem to care for dark, ruffly inky fingers, but they are BIG fans of the tender greens and buttercream mixes. And on some leaves, the lighter ones, the edges have a brown stained effect - like they have been burnt although NONE of the plants get anything more than daytime dappled shade.

Does anyone know if the ammonia sparay could be hurting the coleus or if the coffee grounds that I've been sprinkling around the hostas is not to their liking? Do coleus mind a bit of acidity?

any ideas, thoughts, revelations or "DON'T DO THAT, GARDEN NEWBIE!" would be most appreciated. :)))

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I've never heard of using ammonia and water on plants. But that doesn't mean anything. Myself, I wouldn't use ammonia. JMHO, I think it could be too harsh on the leaves. When I have those problems, I use a hot pepper spray. I've never had a problem using that. I've used that on quite a few different plants. I've read on another forum here that a lady used Tabasco sauce and water. I don't remember if she said how much. I don't think the coffee grounds will hurt anything. I use them on all my household plants. Only my hubby drinks coffee at home so I don't have much of those. But my house plants are doing fine after years of this.
Good luck on your problem!


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Hiya, Kat! The HOSTA forum taught me the ammonia and h20...but that was for the hostas and slug control...unfortunately the coleus and hostas hang out together in the same they have been getting it too. :)) i think i'll try the hot pepper spray. Are you talking about the kind you would use on a mugger or something else? thanks! ;))

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I make my own spray. I use about a jar of dried hot peppers, soak them in a gallon of water for a day, then strain it. I use an old spray bottle like Windex. When I spray, I just do the ground around the area, the stems and some lower leaves. I don't do the whole plant because they don't even want to climb up them when the stems are sprayed.
Good luck!


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Green frog, I finally found the post about that tobasco sauce. It was about repelling JBs, but I'm sure it would work on any other leaf eating bug.


Here is a link that might be useful: hot sauce for bugs!

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