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Ginny McLean_Petite_GardenSeptember 20, 2011

Annie, Just wondering how your kitties are doing? And if you got rain?


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We got some rain. Not much, but glad to get it. Only moistened the top two inches of the soil where I haven't been watering. We're going to need a lot more. There's a chance for rain this evening and a good chance for rain tomorrow as a cold front is moving into the state. Temps are staying in the low 80s on the warmest side and low 70s on the cool side and night temps chilly. It's lovely Fall weather. We have been sitting out a lot lately.

Sad to say, we lost Little Brother yesterday evening. I took him to the vet and she verified it was poisoning. Scotty sat holding him for hours last night, stroking his ears. He said he wanted to make sure he was gone before he buried him. I knew that really he just was so heartbroken he wasn't ready to let him go.

The vet confirmed that Miss Bitty was likely also poisoned, and what to do in case it happens again. She said to give them hydrogen peroxide to make them throw up, but it will only do any good if we catch it early enough. He died at home on the dogs bed where he loved to lay with Bonnie and Gus.

The other cats have upper respiratory infections and I am continuing their meds. She gave me more antibiotics and more eye ointment for that. That is too common here in Oklahoma every freaking Fall.
So, we are staying vigilant. I am going to make a sign and post it up at the little convenience store in town to alert others with cats and to let the ones who did it know that we are onto their heinous activities. I'm also going to go over across the road and inspect that woman's dump site and maybe talk to her, too. I suspect that she is the source. The vet's office is on alert for any other cases that may come from this area and will contact me if there are. That's about all we can do. Th

Thanks for asking sweetheart.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Dear Annie, I am so sorry about your cats and that you have terrible, and cruel neighbors who would hurt innocent creatures. If they would do this to cats, what else would they do? Where would it stop?
This was a problem here once. Someone put meat laced with poison in the local park and poisoned some dogs and it killed a few. In Georgia this is against the law. An investigation was launched but nothing ever became of it. Except that there was never again any poisoning. We know someone was retaliating against people who let dogs off of leashes in a leashed only park, however it is immature and thoughtless to punish a creature like this.
I'm so sorry it caused the loss of a dear friend.

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We don't know if it was intentional or not. The people around here are also very ignorant and downright dumb a**es, so who knows. However, that family is well known for cruelty and vivaciousness throughout the county, so it is possible.
I haven't ruled out that she put something in her dump site or sprayed it for flies and roaches. Trashy bunch over there...in every way. The same bunch that bulldozed down all the trees and vegetation in that little canyon and destroyed the ancient owl habitat.
Now she's dumping garbage down into the canyon. Good grief!
We didn't have roaches until she moved over there. When she moved away for two years, the roaches disappeared. Then she moved back and voila! Roaches again. Me thinks there is a connection.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

I'm so sorry Annie. :( I can't even imagine what goes through a person's head to poison innocent animals. Obviously nothing! They think only of themselves and their own issues, probably not giving a thought to the other people and creatures living around THEM! It hurts me deeply to even think about it........and I feel sorriest for people who have no regard for life. They must be very empty people.

You have a good man in Scotty. My husband has done the same thing when we have a sick puppy. He knows I can't bear to watch them slip away although I have been with all of my adult dogs till their last heartbeat. At least Little Brother isn'r suffering anymore.

Good idea to make some noise about this whole thing! The squeeky wheel gets the grease and people do listen when you scream loud enough! As GGG has already mentioned, there is not much that will or can be done but sometimes shame works wonders.

The weather up here in the frozen north has actually been very nice. Forecast is for summer like temps all week and not much chance of frost. The past few years have given us long warm falls and lots of snow. IMO things are changing.....

Be gentle with yourself Annie and you will be ok. Besides, the other kids need you too.

Luv and critter kisses ^^^^

Ginny Garden

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Is there anyone you can call about dumping in the canyon? Do these people own the canyon?

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Annie I hate to say in fact I won't say what is going through my mind right now I'd be kicked off GW. I'm heartsick about what has happened to your precious little fur balls. It just makes me sick to my stomach to think there are such cruel and heartless people out there.


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I just reread my last post. The stupid spell-check changed my "viciousness" to "vivaciousness". What the heck?? Wish they would get someone who speaks English to write their programs.
Of course, that wouldn't help most Americans these days, now would it...
They can't spell, don't read, don't write, can't do math, don't know history or geography...and basic earth science? Why it might as well be Quantum Physics! Pathetic!

So, if you are going to spell-check my words, please be smarter than I am.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Annie, I am so sad to hear what has been going on with you. I'm so sorry you lost Little Brother. Hopefully you'll be able to find the source of the poison and if it is the neighbor dumping something hopefully they'll stop once they realize the ramifications. It sounds like that wouldn't be a guarantee though unless it's some sort of illegal dumping going on. It's tough having rotten neighbors.

When I read your post I read the word as viciousness even though you said it changed it. I think we all knew the context so that even though the word was changed, I hadn't even noticed it.

I'm with Annette. I'd get kicked off if I really let my feelings fly. You are a good woman and are holding yourself together very well. Kudos to you for dealing with all of this so well. Hang in there.

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I'm sorry, Annie. Hope this gets resolved.
If it makes you feel any better, my phone spell-checker changes things I almost don't catch and I came within an inch of hitting submit in response to someone's gorgeous cannas, when it hit my brain that my computer had changed my statement to : "I love your cannabis, what's your source?"
My husband laughed so hard - I would have been mortified!!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Thanks for making me laugh CTC! I'm sure Annie is laughing too! Many times my daughter has texted me back asking me if I was either drunk or sleepwalking/texting thanks to that stupid autofill! :) So funny!

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"I love your cannabis, what's your source?" That phrase is so common here, that I am sure you would get quite a few genuine responses! Number one money crop in Oklahoma other than Mung beans. :)
My DH read your post and walked into the bedroom laughing his head off.
Thanks for the laugh! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa......!!!

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