Celeste still has small figs, should I remove them

med10533(8b SE La)October 16, 2010

Hi all,

I've been lurking for years now and I thought I'd ask a question finally.

Our weather is now dipping into the high 40's at night and my Celeste has lost quite a few of it's leaves, but is still holding onto about 2 dozen marble sized fruit from it's 2nd crop. Should I pull these off to conserve the plants energy or just let the tree decide what to do.

This was it's 2nd full year in the ground

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I have the same problem on my Italian Figs I don't think we have enough time for these little one to ripen unless off course you live in California or Arizona.

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I'm wondering too. My Celeste started to produce a few more figlets about a week ago. I'm in south florida, but still, wondering if I should take them off. I hope somebody who knows jumps in here.


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Terrisofla, figs in South Florida are sleepwalking most of the year, by that I mean that the lack of chilling hours somewhat discombabulates these trees. I would give the tree a light water soluble fertilizer soaking and repeat in week, then see if it pushes some leaves and new growth out to support and ripen the fruit. If your tree is getting bare of leaves, it will not support any edible fruit.

Best of luck.

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