Cup and Saucer Vine on the porch

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 25, 2012

I like this photo because it shows the buds in various stages and then in full bloom.

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That is really lovely. Did you grow it from seed and, if so, when did you start it?

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No, I buy transplants from the nursery and I planted three the first week of June. It's such a late bloomer, usually not until early August; but this year it didn't begin to bloom until the first part of September I think.

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Sooo lovely!!!

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SOOO pretty,
is it an annual or perennial?
:) Laura

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It is an annual vine.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Lovely. I have never tried them.

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It's growing and blooming gang busters right now, the chilly temps not slowing it down a bit. Survived a good frost Tues night with no damage, I'm surprised how green it still is.

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So pretty and looks very healthy.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

schoolhouse, is your Cup and Saucer Vine still blooming?

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No blooms. But up until a week ago it was still loaded with buds, but they never would open. Even with the nights of 34-32 temps the vine retained it's green color and wasn't weepy at all until two days ago. Went droopy and a little brown but that seemed to happen to the more exposed areas of it. Anyway, yesterday I took the pruners to it and cut it off the trellis.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, it was very pretty! I've wanted to grow one of those, but I've had such bad luck with Moonflower Vine and I thought the same thing might happen to me. It's frustrating growing it all season and getting either no bloom or very little bloom. I think I will leave that one for the warmer zones to grow. Thanks for posting it. Really nice looking vine!

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That is really lovely!! I enjoy flowers with a cup shape and had planted some cup and saucer mix campanulas from seed last season hoping to get some next bloom season. Thanks for sharing :)

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Hi Schoolhouse, hi all,

Does Cup and Saucer vine grab hold on its own or does it have to be trained? Can I leave this seedling alone or should I try to wrap it around the stick?

Your thread last yr inspired me and I ran into seeds at my local Feed and Seed. I tried to start early. I nicked and soaked like they said on the internet but still had low germ. rate. I hate to show my 2 seedlings for fear of killing them if I look at them cross eyed!

I would prefer not to touch them until they are bigger and stronger - I bottom water when other cups start to dry out. However some vines seem to be unhappy without support ?? Any ideas and advice that you can give me? Also, did yours attract hummingbirds like IâÂÂve read about, or had the fall migration started by the time it bloomed? Thanks so much! River

More pics of Cup and Saucer seedlings

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Hi river (love that name, reminds me of River Song from Dr. Who!). Yes, the vine will twine on its own as long as you provide it with something to climb. I use canes to help it reach up to the porch and then it grabs onto the trellis between the rails and proceeds to twine across and around the rails too. If its a windy spot you may have to tie the young plants to the canes but if not I shouldn't worry. It will bend toward anything it thinks will help it grow upwards. Perhaps wait until the seedlings become a bigger plant before setting outside. Once it clings - it clings and the vines get aggressive. Don't water too much, only when dry.

The Cup and Saucer is a very late bloomer - sometimes not until mid to late August. Hummingbirds seem to linger in our area for longer periods of time in the Fall more and more every year, but I have to admit I've never seen them visit the blooms very often. But mine are planted on a back porch that only gets bright morning sun, perhaps in full sun both blooms and birds would be more plentiful. Good luck and hope you post photos when yours is in bloom.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks so much, Schoolhouse, you have answered all my questions! I will be glad to post pictures if I don't kill the seedlings first. I have problems getting plants from the seedling stage to the mature plant stage and don't know what I do wrong. But Trial and Error are great teachers.

I had to look up River Song - thanks for telling me. Saw Alex Kingston in those recent episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and will always think of her in ER. I like the sound of your name, too. Appreciate your help!

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