Best Fig Tree for KY

arkseven(6)October 5, 2006

I am a former SW GA boy, transplanted to Western Kentucky (thanks to the military)and would like to know what is the best Fig tree that is hardy enough to withstand KY weather (zone 6).

I remember the fig preserves my Grandmother made with the brown turkey figs that grew well in SW Ga and long to recreate the same memories for my kids.

I think 3-4 trees would provide plenty, any suggestions as to the BEST fig tree and sources to obtain them?

Thanks for the help!

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I would suggest Hardy Chicago. It ripens earlier than others, will do well for your area. It has similiar color to Brown Turkey.
If you can obtain cuttings from the brown turkey you had in GA, you can grow it where you are now.

Try Edible Landscaping for figs, they ship them with the containers. You probably wanna wait until spring to plant them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Edible Landscaping

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Dare I say it? the best fig for KY... Jelly

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timgoodin(W KY z6)

I'm west of Paducah KY and I've got two Celeste trees which have produced in many years planted on the south side of our house. A brown turkey, alma, mission and a couple unknown. This year the only one that ripened fruit was the Mission. The Celestes usually do well but this year they just didn;t perform. I'm considering cutting on of them down as it's covering up my gas pack furnace. If you want some cuttings from it let me know. The winters here usually end up killing them back to ground level but you can get some late crops in mild winter years. I'm going to try to get a chicago hardy and try it out. Tim

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timgoodin(W KY z6)

In my absentmindness I forgot to say where to find figs. Again if you want cuttings let me know but I got most of mine from Womack nursery in TX. Very large good plants. They advise you when you purchase that we are not in their zone, but if you have them deliver in late spring you can direct ground plant or put the tree in a pot. I also got one from Ison's Nursery (of the Muscadine Grape Ison's muscadines are coming along nicely) and I have a couple from the UC Davis collection that are looking nice.

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Thank you all for the insight on best fig trees for KY. Jelly for KY...thanks but I will not give up so easily for fig preserves. lol
I currently have apple tree (makes great apple butter), pear trees, recently planted two apricot trees, some young grape, blueberry and rasberry.
Next year I WILL have fig trees, more blueberry and some blackberry. I want some pecan trees as well.
My wife and I are attempting to establish our "homestead" as I am soon to retire from the Army.

Again Thanks all for the help.

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