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SeedTragedyOctober 24, 2012

Hello to all the fig lovers in here. I was never a fig fan and all that changed when I first bit into one. A (ripe) one. Turns out that my very first impression of figs came from eating unriped ones. Now I wish to grow some. I've looked online for cuttings but was a bit disappointed in how expensive they are. At this point I'd be happy to have just one cutting to baby. I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any cuttings to spare. Any variety will do. I dont have anything to trade as this is my first planting attempt. I would be happy to pay for shipping. Are there any proud fig growers out there who would like to share? Thank you so much. -Sincery One bald garden

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sergnic(z9 Italy)

Some words: I do not think that cuttings or fig trees are so expensive.
However, since it often the writers from the United States are resident in suitable places (or not) for figs (or other plants) you should add your profile in wich state you're in, and what is your climate (USDA zone).

It is not true that you have nothing to share, if you really like about a plant, or cuttings, you can buy or look for others, to send in balanced exchange.

Just like I did.

Credibility is hardly purchased, it is rarely accepted free.

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toe. I am new to this forum and don't really know my ropes. I'm 15 and came across this site when looking for cuttings online. I know I'm too young to be on here but just wanted to start somewhere. I meant it being expensive because of shipping as well and those are only for cutting that I'm not sure I will even be able to root. I am new to this and have manage to kill everything I try to plant. Only asking if anyone had any cuttings to spare. There are unknown plants in my backyard growing mostly grass so not sure how to exchange that. Do I collect seeds or make root. Please forgive me I am new to this and heard figs are easy for beginners plus I started to like the fruit too. Just asking that's all.

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I just read your posting. A few things that you write about need some correcting.

YOU absolutely belong on this forum. This is not an exclusive club of fig snobs, and we all welcome you. We will definitely help you get your fig collection started, and growing. At 15 years old, you will have many wonderful years ahead of you to grow delicious figs.

We need to know where you live and your climate zone. Not just any fig variety will do well in all locations. It is always better to match a variety to a specific climate location. This will assure you that you will be able to ripen figs in your area. If you do not know your climate zone, give us forum members your location, and we will tell you what figs will grow well for you.

Growing figs from cuttings can be a lot of fun, but will take a few years to bear fruit. Starting with a small tree that's near bearing age will give you quicker results. You can usually find larger plants that are not too expensive. If you have a neighbor who is growing figs, try air-layering a larger 1" branch, and you will have an "instant" fig tree. ("Air Layering" is very easy to learn, and directions, and photos can be found on this fig forum).

You will be very surprised at how many members will try to help you get a good fig variety for your location. Figs are very easy to grow and you will be successful. You just need to learn about some essential requirements that will keep your new tree(s) alive. (..."I'm new to this and have managed to kill everything I try to plant"...) Why? Please read as much as possible about HOW to grow fig trees, and you will do great.

Please, never feel that your questions are too basic. Post all your questions, and we will help you. By next season, you will know what it will take to grow your first fig tree.

Please keep this forum in mind, and provide us with some of the information about your climate...maybe even a few photos of your backyard.

Good luck, and welcome to this fig forum.


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To start (probably at a lower cost to you), you can get free cuttings (fig and some other fruit trees) from the USDA.
The website is:

You have to act quick as:
"Orders for dormant cuttings or budwood must be received by November 1st,
and are shipped in January/February" as quoted by this website.

If you going to place the order(you may need your parents to help you out on the selection of plants and shipping issues), post here of the details. Everyone here would love to know how you are progressing as a plant grower.


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Hi, SeedTragedy:

Before you get excited and get carried away of getting the
free cuttings while looking through the USDA
website I provided, read the:

"Propagating the USDA Davis cuttings - a report"
here in the Fig forum.
Look through the communications there and get a glimpse
of what to expect.


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Frank, thank you so much for the encouragement. I was a little nervous checking this post unsure of what I was about to read. Your words were so kind and encouraging, thank you so much. If I had a tree that grew money, I'd definitely give you many cuttings free of charge.If I had anything to share I would. You are awesome and it's people like you who make forums like this so fun and interesting. I live in a zone 7 and have not had a chance to take and upload pictures of my yard but will soon. I'm slowly learning and WOW! I didn't realize there were so many different varieties. It's crazy but in a good way. Just this morning my sister and I went for a walk and found what I thought was a fig tree. I took the cutting home only to find out it was a mulberry. That's one tree less to stay away from because it's not a fig tree.

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@ Fignewbie, thank you so much! You have really made my night and I think I'm beggining to love this forum because of people like you and Frank. You guys are so cool! I told my parents about the site and they were willing to help. We attempted to fill out the request but it is so confusing...... not sure how to fill out the accession? text query, simple query..I simply don't understand. How were you able to fill it out? Thank you soo sooo much in advance. Everything is much appreciated.

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

It is hard to navigate the GRIN sites. The best one I've seen is the pear accessions. If you click on the link below you can select "List all available" the fig list will pop up. From there you can choose which figs you are interested in and then press "Request this germplasm". It will basically put it in a "Cart" for you and then you can follow the prompts. When you have selected what you want you choose "Complete the germplasm request and order the material." It will ask you what your purpose for the request is. I have said that I am trialing cold-hardy varieties.

It is important to have a UPS or FEDEX account set up and to give them your account number so they can send it to you without costing them money. (Which keeps things working so others can benefit later). I believe you will need to put this information in the form where it asks for comments regarding the request.

I've only done this a couple of times so anyone else with more information please chime in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ficus carica

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Hi, SeedTragedy:

Actually I haven't place the order to USDA yet,
how I knew about the free cutting was after seeing
the following website:

Then I found this fig forum and got to know more
from the members here.

You can watch about fig of USDA from this website:


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Relax and enjoy all the prior postings about how to choose, grow, and enjoy fig trees. Growing a fig tree in Zone-7 (where?...what state?) will be fairly easy if some Winter precautions are taken to protect your tree(s).

Yes, there are hundreds of varieties from which to choose, and you will be growing some good varieties that are very delicious, in no time at all.

For your first fig, try "Chicago Hardy" / "Hardy Chicago". It's a great-tasting fig, produces at an early age, easy to get, and is fairly hardy in your climate zone. You cannot go wrong with this variety. Learn how to grow this variety well, and then move on to other, more exotic/expensive/rarer varieties.

Very important! HOW will you over-Winter your fig trees? Roots must be kept cool, but not frozen solid. Most members of this forum either store trees in coll garages, and sheds....or cover, even bury their trees for protection from freezing.

When I was 15 years old, I had no time to wait for anything, and jumped into things with both feet. Just a suggestion....since it the end of the season, spend some time reading about what it will take to keep your fig trees alive, and growing. You can grow these trees either planted in the ground, or, in large containers. Each method will have requirements that you must provide for your trees...but it's easy. Next Spring when the season starts, you will have enough knowledge to grow and keep your new trees alive and well. Please do not hesitate to grow a tree next Spring. Figs are some of the easiest fruit trees that you will ever grow, and you will spend many happy hours tending to your trees.

Make sure you post and ask many questions. This is the place to get all the information that will turn you into a fig-growing expert.

Contact me (e-mail: with anything you need to know. I'll try to help you and other new growers.


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..."coll garages" ...7th line down, should read: "cool garages".

Sorry, for the typo.


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Hi, SeedTragedy:

Please ask your every, older family members to help sharing the load of looking through all the information I gave you as I don't want you to strain your precious eyes with these information! Please let your eyes rest for 5 minutes by looking away after looking at the computer for a while! This is what I called: Practice eye care!

1 more websites for you and your family to see: (hope this
is not too much info for you and your family)

1st website-

Trees of Joy (Just to look and jot down remarks after looking through the comments of different types of fig trees, does not cover all fig varieties of
USDA, but is a start)

I was going to give you another website, an online nursery
of plants on sale of reasonable price, but I had to restraint myself from doing this.
The reason is that at this moment, it is better for you(if you want those free fig cuttings from USDA) to finish filling out the form and send the request before Nov 1.
I will send you this online nursery website after
Nov 1.
Good Luck!


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Hi, SeedTragedy:

Hope you are not affected by Hurricane Sandy!

Have you ordered from USDA?


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Sorry for the late post.

I will gladly give you three free cuttings, hopefully of different varieties. I'm in Florida and have over 50 ripening figs on my trees. Come mid-December, the fruit will have mysteriously disappeared, and I can safely take my cuttings.

Email me at in December and I will shoot you some cuttings. Free fig cuttings, free postage. Best deal in town.

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Hello Seed Tragedy,

See the above posting. You get three free cuttings after all my current figs are ripe. FIgure on mid-December, as I am in Florida and the fruit is just rollig in now.

I'm taking names/addresses now for orders. You get 3 cuttings with free postage. Purple, white and black fig tree cuttings. Not sure of varieties, but oh well. Just email me and they will be yours.

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I wonder if SeedTragedy has forgotten
this forum. Hope he will tell us his venture
of figs soon!


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Hello Fignewbies,

Pulling about 5 figs a day right now. By mid-December, they will be gone and the trees will go dormant. If SeedTragedy does email me, then free tree cuttings will go out. I offer this to pretty much anybody who asks.

Notice at the top of this thread how others were offering advice on where to go for cuttings. Sheesh! There are a million fig trees in America. Why don't folks just be good neighbors about it and give cuttings for free? Lord knows that every fig tree owner prunes each year and therefore a million cuttings get tossed in the trash. What a waste!

I just don't get it. Anyway, if you too would like some free cuttings, just email me at with the shipping info (name/address) and I'll put you on the list.

Most trees today have the mosaic virus and mine are no different. It does not affect the fruit size, taste or abundance. If you already have trees without the discolored leaves, don't bring in any which do, as it is probably the mosaic virus, and it will jump to your trees too.

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Hi, budbackeast:

Thank you for your offering but I have to pass it
to someone else who needs your cuttings.
Since I live in Ontario, Canada, the figs have to be
hardy, short-seasoned.

Talking about waste, I was watching a youtube about the
USDA planting site of fig trees.
The fig trees were big and there was so many figs on the
trees and numerous of mature figs had dropped to the ground.
This is such a waste! I guess they don't want any
unauthorized people picking those figs because of
legal issues (person falling from climbing the tree and then sue the organization for compensation)!

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