Pictures from my 'garden'

Beopposed(9)March 12, 2012

Pictures of my patio garden. I rent so I'm stuck with container plants. It's so much fun, though! I love my little ghetto garden :).

My Chinese Crested, Daphne, and various potted plants. Mini rose, coleus, dahlias, osteospermum, echeveria, amaryllis.

Banana pepper, tomato, jalapeño, and strawberry in the smaller container.

Coleus blooming! So pretty.

My gardenia! (not suicidal :))

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keep it can grow alot of things in a small area, love the pics, keep sending...... spring has just sprung...

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Great photo's and really cute dog. :o)

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 10:59AM
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