Elephant Ear is flowering!

Anela(Z6 Ks.)September 11, 2004

Has ANYONE ever had an elephant ear flower? I have 4 VERY large bulbs that I put in this spring and two of the bulbs now have flowers....Large flowers! I have NEVER seen this before and didn't even know that it was possible. One of the flowers is yellow long cone shaped and I assume will get taller b/c it's still opening up. The other just came out this morning so I can't tell what color it is. My friend who has been gardening for 20+ years has never had this happen. I am sooooo happy!!!!


p.s. I took some pics. yesterday when I discovered it, will take more today and try to post.

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lotsaplants(Az zone 9)

That is really cool! You should check with the Aroid forum....they know lots about E.E.s and can tell you how unusual it is. I've sure never had it happen.

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Anela(Z6 Ks.)

Thanks I posted it there, but I will post pictures here also

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my upright elephant ears are blooming, I have the green and black uprights, flowers are like those of a peace lily but longer and skinny. I had the regular elephant ear to set buds 3-4 years ago, but it got cold and they didn't have time to open up, the trunk of the elephant ear was the size of a small tree trunk, and I bet the plant itself weighed 150 pounds without dirt. I had lots of babies!

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Jen26(USDA zone 6/MO)

Wow, I just noticed that mine are flowering, too. They are HUGE elephant ears, and like smurfboy's, have trunks the size of a small tree. The flowers are yellow, and look just like peace lily flowers, but much bigger. I bet the biggest is 12". They have a very strong fragrance, which I'm not sure if I like or not. These were EEs purchased last spring at Walmart, with no name other than "Elephant Ear." The bulbs were about the size of a softball, maybe smaller. They are giant, probably 6 or 7' tall and the individual leaves are up to 40". I have them in soil that's been heavily ammended with compost and I think they're pretty happy.

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I to have planted 2 elephant ear plants this summer. I bought my bulbs from walmart. I have had a flower come up 3 days ago. I now have another flower coming up on the same stock. I have never in my life seen this before. I am not doing anything special to my plant. I was wondering why and how does the elephant ear plant produce flowers. How rare is this?
I live in Southern Oklahoma. Can anyone give me any info on this. Thanks I am new to this site. I have planted elephant ears
before, but never had this happen. I am sooooo excited about this.

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Hi Sylvia,

Your EE blooming means you're doing everything right - it wouldn't waste energy on flowers if it wasn't healthy.

This is one of my Thai Giant elephant ears last year, already with 11 blooms. If my memory is correct, it ended up with 15 blooms...

Here are 2 seed pods from another Thai giant in 2012...

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