Anyone Have An Experience with Lattarula Fig (Itailian Honey)

jonathan(11)October 27, 2006

Anyone have any experience they would like to share regarding Lattarula? Is it a good fig, and when does the crop tend to ripen for you?

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I do have a fig specimen bought (~2002?) as/and still labeled
as an Italian Honey. Do not remember its source, but it
was not Paradise Nursery. Has been a very slow grower
and hard to propagate for me. For the first time, it
has one single 1"+ figlet that I am not sure will ripen
in time. It has a long neck and it looks very different
from my (EL) Marseilles...
George (NJ).

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tomatobob_va7(z7 VA)

I have an Italian Honey fig (I don't remember the source) that's 7-8 years old. It ripens a couple of weeks after my Brown Turkeys ripen, so that means 1st of August. The figs are 3-4 times the size of my Brown Turkeys, and not as flavorful or as sweet. Fruit changes from green to yellow-green when ripe, and usually exudes a drop of sticky liquid (the honey?). It bears heavily. The eye is slightly open, admitting ants occasionally, and the fruit is very subject to splitting open and spoiling from even a little rain. I prefer them dried to fresh. Robert

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stevec(Z6b MD (DC suburbs))

I have an IH (2yr tree in container) & I harvested quite a few breba and main crop this season. Very good tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Second year Italian Honey doing well

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What is your location? This may be a factor.

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Stevec, where did you purchase your IH tree?

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I'm in San Francisco, and Brown Turkey has just turned Brown for me, but are unedible. All dry inside. Hope my Laturella fares better.

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stevec(Z6b MD (DC suburbs))

re: where the tree was sourced from ... Sorry .. I am traveling & don't have my records ... I will check. I tend to deal with Edible Landscaping & Paradise.

re: my location ... I live in the northern suburbs of DC. By some maps this is upper zone 7 ... by others ... lower zone 6.

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I am in N.Y. and latarulla is my favorite fig. It has done very well for me. Its outside in the ground. I have never covered it (I consider this a waste of time), I just put around 2 feet of tied up newspaper around the trunk to protect the roots since the top grows back anyway but the roots are the heart.

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I have grown Lattarula figs in Eugene and Portland Oregon. They probably produce more fruit, over 2 or 3 months, than any other fruit free of comparable size. I will try now in Illinois. Problem is - they overproduce. Especially large trees. They have two crops. The first crop is smaller in number but very large and sweet. A 2nd crop sets after the first. It is enormous and you must remove some of the fruit to get good figs. I suggest pruning about 3/4 of the branches on a large tree. Medium size sweet fruit will be produced in August and September instead of small sour fruit as late as December. Be prepared to share some of the fruit with the wildlife. Fortunately the seeds are sterile. Use tanglefoot or something to keep the ants out of the tree.

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I have a Lattarula in Canby, Oregon, 35 miles south of Portland. It does quite well, along with my Desert King. That is, as well as any fig will do in this climate.

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ejp3,What is the source of your Latarulla??.
Me and Leon,are asking this question because every Nursery,sells a different tree under Latarulla name.
Some are good and some are not so good.
Thanks Anticipated for answering.

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I bought it 10 years ago from Park Seed Company. It fruited the next summer.

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I have 2 in Asheville, NC. Had lots of fruit last year when trees were 2 years old. It was a wet year here and the fruit were a bit watery and tended to split a bit. However they were excellent and very sweet. Only the breba fruit ripended in mid to late July with the last figs picked in early August. The second crop never ripened here before the first frost killed them. The first winter the trees came through without any damage but last winter the temps dropped down to 0 F and the plants were killed to the ground. They have both regrown and I plan to treat them like a bush keeping them about 6'. Hope to get a good crop next summer. I have read that the lattarulla is the same as Marseilles and the trees Jefferson raised at Monticello. Also read that they are the same as Dannys Delight and are cold hardy but I think that means just the roots.

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