Wierd Monstera

eaglemamaSeptember 24, 2003

I bought a Monstera about a month ago. Since then it has been doing fine.......but I noticed something rather strange....this guy has no air roots; nor can I see any place where some mistaken greenhouse worker might have cut them off (some do you know). There is new leaf growth, but no sign of air roots. Also it almost looks as though there are 3 or 4 plants all potted together. I plan to repot and was going to put in a spagham moss pole for it to climb....now I'm wondering. Any ideas? This guy is fairly good sized....about 3 feet.

Nancy in Seattle

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Hi Nancy. I imagine aerial roots will form eventually.
Regarding looking like there are many plants potted
together, your plant is probably the result of tissue
culture propagation. I saw some Monsteras just the other
day at Target exactly like this. They grow as a small cluster of many plants right from the beginning. Originally it was thought that plants from tissue culture are free of any virus that the original plant may have had. Now I've heard that a virus can be transferred. At any rate, tissue culture plants are always bushier and more full than plants from cuttings.
central Fla

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Hi Russ, Thanks for the input. I have decided not to repot yet....only wanted to do so to have it in a prettier pot. I have a huge basket and I put it in that (pot & all) with an Alocacia (sp) in it"s own pot beside it. Maybe letting it get really good and root bound will encourage air roots.

Nancy in Seattle

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