jazzbass1(6)October 29, 2008

Joe Morle of is a Great person. I had spoken to Joe twice before I ordered figs. Joe took his time with me from his busy day to answer all my questions. I order the figs on Oct 23,2008 and received them today on Oct 29,2008. Man what service. The trees were more than well packaged. Not a branch broken or cracked.

The figs I received were White Paradiso,Black Triana, San Pietro, Black Turchi (his spelling not mine)and Black Taransalla(if I read it correctly). Someone help me out if I spelled the last on incorrectly

With that kind of service. I am sure that I will purchase more in the future.

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I have the Paradiso, very vigorous tree. I agree when my tree arrived it was packed like it was protecting gold. Yes, I will also buy again.

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Just talked to Joe Morle about the figs not shown on the website.
He said the Black Triana is from southern Italy - Sicily, Calabria. The Black Tarantella is from Taranto, and the Brown Turkey from Turkey. He said it was the long one.
I had gotten the four figs on the website last year, and was very pleased with them.

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Thanks for the correction on the spelling. The way that Joe spelled it. It looked like Taransalla.

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mrhappy(z8 - Austin, TX)

I bought from JM this year also. His packaging was very good. At the time of my order the Black Tarantella, Black Triana and Black Turchi were not available - it looks like I will be ordering again....

You may have answered a question I have been considering regarding "Brown Turkey" figs. I have wondered if they were named because they were brown and came from Turkey or something as simple as a local name due to the figs being brown and eaten by wild turkeys (the birds - not the posters on gardenweb).


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I have read a description by a turkey in one of the nurseries on internet saying that Brown Turkey is called that way because other turkeys eat them.
All Mediterranean countries, like Turkey, are original sources to a number of fig varieties. So is, but to a lesser extent, the coastal areas of North Africa on Mediterranean.

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I called Joe earlier this week to order a Paradiso for a friend in Phoenix. Joe told me all his had lost their leaves, but when I explained what and why he went out to his greenhouse and found one still growing. It will grow for at least another month in Phoenix.

Joe's trees are great and he is a good guy to deal with.

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