My first Ripe Brown Turkey Fig

ayyubaddeen(9)October 4, 2010

This is my first ripe fig from my Brown Turkey.(From earlier in the season this is a late post)

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I guess the obvious question is. "Did you like the taste?"

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I have only tasted about three types of other figs before and honestly I dont see the fuss about brown turkey figs. It was mildly sweet less so than the others and a little watery but over all it tasted great. Also it is from a young tree about one year old.

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I know what you mean. I have two Brown Turkey trees and I like the fruit. There are others I like better but the fruit is of good size. The taste is good and has a nice texture and the trees produce lots of fruit. I'm happy with mine.

The fruit on mine is not watery though. That would more likely be do to over watering or do to rain at the wrong time.

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mazway(7a Roanoke,VA)

A few weeks back, I had some slightly shriveled brown turkey figs off a local bush. They were like jam. I miss summer already.

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I love the taste of my Brown Turkey. Italian is great too. Who said Chicago Hardy tastes bad I love it. I eat lots of Figs I am Figged up whatever it means. I hate winter. Nothing to plant except Parsley.

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