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I have a couple of Ming aralias about 1 foot in height each. They are a few years old now and one of them isn't doing so well because I tried re-potting it. It has withered and the foliage is now drooping and losing strength. However, for some reason it has begun to produce some kind of resin or gum as there is a clear substance that has formed all over the plant. Many leaves are covered and it looks as though the plant is perspiring. Drops of it also appear in various places around the plant. I took a sample of it and it feels like sap from a tree but can also become hard when almost like dried Elmer's glue.

I was hoping someone could tell me for sure what the substance is or where I could find more information on it. Thanks in advance.

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gofgethsemane, guttation springs to mind but the exudate is not usually sticky. Here is a Q&A on the subject.
Q. I am the client of an interiorscape company. We have aralias that produce a sticky substance that drips on everything. I have asked that they fix the problem or replace the plants. Nothing is being done. What is the normal procedure for dealing with this type of plant problem?
A. Your plants have either scale or mealybug, plant pests that produce a sticky substance called honeydew. By the time there's enough of it to drip, you've got an infestation that is probably impossible to control indoors. The plants should be replaced, and your contractor should know that and act on it immediately.
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