Monstera going crazy

eaglemamaOctober 22, 2003

This guy is getting so big.....stems as much as 24 inches so far, but no air roots so I can't really give him a climbing pole........he is just spreading out all over the place.....any one have any ideas?

Nancy in Seattle

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PuraVida(Costa Rica)

sounds like it's doing great, if it's too big take some cuttings.

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Tie it to a pole if it doesn't have aerial roots yet.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

That's what I did with mine...tied it to a pole.....actually it was a birch log/sapling that the County had cut down. Just be sure you have it in a heavy clay pot before inserting the pole, as the pole/plant combined create a lot of extra weight. I've had to put mine against the wall due to the weight.

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increase humidity it will send out root! that is how i did for my pothos, but them sedums near by also sending out arial root!

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