Identify purple asters all aster fans please!

keesha2006(5)September 1, 2006

My boss brought in a vase of flowes from her garden today to ask me what these flowers were....she got them in an ass. of seeds she got from a school fundraiser and lost the package. She said they came in ass. colors but these were her favs...and now mine too..they were STUNNING...and I would like to order online some seeds of JUST this variety is anyone can help. It is a deep dark purplish blue..very dark with a bright sunny yellow center....any idea what it is any of you aster lovers? I want to order the seed.

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libbyshome(z9a BC)

My guess is........:
Callistephus Matsumoto Blue
.......or something like that. :)


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I agree with Libby.
The link at the bottom shows a photo (text not in English).

You can get just the purple at Annies Annuals:

(photo from Annie's isn't showing the color as dark as the one below).


Here is a link that might be useful: Aster 'Matsumoto Blue'

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It is very similar to that ladies, but it is not quite is much much bluer..more colbalt blue than purple..tho it does have a royal purpish hint to it..but much more on the blue side...otherwise looks just like that and equally as rich...I searched and searched the net with not much luck...

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The link below brings up Fan Mix Asters at Harris Seeds because there is blue in the mix. When there though, if you click the Aster link on the left of the page, it will bring up a few other varieties to look at. They all differ a bit from fairly single with large yellow centers to fully double.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fan Mix Asters

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Moved to the Boston area, from the Berkshires, in 2005. Back in the late nineties, I began noticing a richly royal purple native species growing along road-sides, bordering farmland, etc. The flowers are a little less puffy-looking, than the species mentioned here so far. The following URL will take you to a picture of it, but the photo shows a lavender-colored flower, rather than the vivid purple that practically kidnaps one's attention when spied:

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have these blooming all over the place this year. I ordered the seeds from Harris Seeds. They call them Powderpuff Mixture, & Giant Ray Mixture. They are incredible...See photos.

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These are the wild asters growing on my land. The plants have a wide range in size. The ones receiving regular water can grow to be 4-5 feet tall.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

There's also one called Astoria that looks like daisies with big yellow centers that has a deep blue listed in the mix.


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