Rose and windy conditions

schoolhouse_gwSeptember 6, 2010

I planted the David Austin rose, "Charlotte" awhile ago on the west side of my house. Other roses do very well there, but today it is really windy; and since I planted this rose to the right of the porch, it doesn't have the bit of windbreak as the others have that are planted on the left side. I just noticed today how much the porch and an older shrub rose offers this protection. In other words, Charlotte is taking the full brunt of the wind.

What do you think? Should I protect it at least this winter with a barrier or do you think it will be hardy enough? The blooms that are open right now have already gone somewhat limp.

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I think Charlotte is rated as a zone 4 rose, but that's probably a little optimistic. I would protect it from the wind, as it will dry out your rose too much going into the winter...and without adequate snow protection, the wind chill will probably not help, either.

I don't know how things are in Ohio, but when we lived in South Dakota, the winds were really strong...and cold!

Do you have any pictures of Charlotte? It looks like a very pretty rose in the David Austin catalog :)

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I deadheaded the blooms before I planted it, but there are lots of new buds and even some new leaves; so I'll wait until they open then take a pic. I added a layer of mulch awhile ago, weatherman says rain late tomorrow afternoon and evening; but also temp of 87. Ugh.

It has a bit of black spot too, I thought it was suppose to be disease-free but with the hot and humid weather this summer all the leftover roses at the nursery looked sad. Mind you, I'm not a rose gardener so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that's about all I can do.

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