elephants ear

Rocky GrewalOctober 10, 2003

I got hammered and peed on my elephants ear. Now the bottom leaves dont yellow and die. What did I do right? Is it because of the nitrogen in my urine?

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VKL5949(z5 IL)

Wow! My elephants don't let me do that!! Maybe they just needed a drink too! Party on!

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Paul James has said that beer is good for plants. He also suggested that urine is good for plants. He further went on to say, why waste the beer? LOL Drink the beer and give the plants the best of both!

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ilovejesus99(z9 TX)

How tall of a ladder did you have to use? And how did you get him to stand still? :o)lol

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rofl... well, now I know where to direct the boys at the next party...

of course, they will start referring to that as the 'potty grove' in a few weeks, but the entertainment value alone is worth it :)

could definately be the nitrogen expanding the roots to keep the plant healthier- could just appreciate the 'intimacy' with you ;)

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PuraVida(Costa Rica)

These plants love nitrogen rich water and or graywater, I use them as part of my graywater system.

Here is a link that might be useful: garden blog

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