coleus problems

optiwench(9)October 2, 2013

I fell in love with coleus! I have a black thumb and after researching I decided I should be able to grow them. Wrong! I'm having some problems. I have several Carnival. One on the front porch with AM sun is colorful, one is dull. The deep red ones are dull and lifeless on the front porch and dull on the back porch with PM sun. A Carnival in the back porch is pale and sickly. The yellow-green are doing well in the sun or shade in one pot and dying in the next pot. They are all planted in Miracle Grow potting soil with extra perlite added to facilitate draining and I water every couple of days if the soil is dry. The Painted Ladies are doing well no matter where they are. The nursery where I purchased the original 6 said they were good in either sun or shade, and I grew another 40 from seeds. I do not know the official names. I have two that are supposed to be Alabama sunrise, but it looks nothing like pictures I've seen. They are green, light green, cream and a dash of purple. They too are doing well. one with PM sun and one with AM. The deep red ones I tried in dappled sun, but it s now faded and feeble. I have put many long hours into this project and cannot find any consistant help on line. I don't seem to be doing anything wrong, I'm trying different light amounts. Please help!

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Heythere, welcome to Gardenweb! Coleus are one of my most fav plants too.

Coleus can definitely be schizo depending on exposure. It sounds like your plants are all in pots? And they were bought in smaller pots but then replanted in bigger pots? Usually that goes well, Coleus don't have a taproot and the loss of a few roots that can grow back within days is rarely a problem. Occasionally individual plants will have trouble getting going after making the leap out of the little nursery pot. This has nothing to do with the particular cultivar or how it was repotted, it just happens. Sometimes a cutting will end up outgrowing that and being a great plant in place of the mama.

Do the pots have drain holes? Do they have attached drain saucers? At this time of year, plants here are doing everything possible to make flowers and any other growth is very slow. As a perennial shrub, if kept alive through winter, protected from any frost, they will revert back to growing foliage and stop trying to make flowers in the spring, in my experiences with them in OH and here in AL. I believe the seasonal blooming would be the same in FL, but not totally sure.

It might be easier to start with a pic of the one, or group of those you think look the worst and see what folks have to say.

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