Farfugium japonica Argentea ligularia tussilagenea

kchendershott(z5 NY)October 11, 2004

HELP! I just bought a variegated ligularia (Farfugium japonica 'Argentea') to add to my ligularia collection, but just noticed that it says hardy to zone 7. OOPS! I'm a zone 5 and never have had trouble with hardiness in my ligularias before, but don't want to lose this one! Does anyone know if you can grow these as a houseplant and then move it outdoors in the summer?

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At least two of my houseplant books include these plants in their descriptions, and apparently they are often grown as houseplants!

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kchendershott(z5 NY)

Someone else just e-mailed me about 'argentea' from Houston, but I accidentally hit the delete button instead of replying. If they're still interested in where I got the argentea, please let me know.

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Maryl zone 7a

I'm looking for Argentea right now. Where did you purchase yours?

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Help! My Farfugium japonica 'Giant Leopard Plant', doesn't seem to be coming back. Last year at this time, the leaves were larger and much greener. Our winter in Seattle was pretty mild, and I tried to protect it when I could, but probably didn't as much as I could have. Do you think it will come back? The leaves that have emerged look dead. Perhaps I should divide it?

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