Pony tail palm has babies?

Donna_Duck(mid Illinois)October 4, 2003

I need some advice about my old pony tail palm. I've had her for about 25 years and she's been doing real well. This summer I've noticed that she's sprouting shoots off the base. The top is still producing new leaves, but the "babies" are bothering me. I've tried to cut them off, but they just grow right back and bring more with them. What is this and what do I do about it?

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Your beaucarnia wants company and has decided to fill out with side shoots, why do you want to remove them? They will make your plant fuller and I bet more attractive.

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Where in il are you ?
I'm in decatur and mine is roughly 23
years old, chopped it down afew times but
no babies as of yet.

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I chopped the head off mine (30 years old), and after 6 months, buds appeared around the top outside edge. They are now 'ponytails' and new buds are popping out around the base where the swelling starts from the narrow trunk. Very interesting...the plant was waaaay too tall for my house before; this is a nice change :)

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My PTP is 14 years old and up until 3 years ago had a single 'tail' at the top which started to rot and die off. I decided to leave it alone. When the top returned to health we named it Cousin It. Now it has about 8 large 'babies at its base that are strong and lush. At Christmastime I put a santa hat on 'It' and two large comical eyes.

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I inherited a PTP from my grandmother it's at least 7 years old. The top is dying away but I have two shoots that are thriving. Should I cut off the top or just remove the dead leaves. If anyone has advice. I really want to save it.

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Sunshine, if the top if rotted, (soft, mushy) remove leaves..they're of no use and only taking nutrient away from healthy parts.
Make sure you don't overwater this plant..The Ponytail's bulb holds water so treat it like you would a cactus..Toni

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I have a Ponytail plant that is barely a year old and about 4 inches tall and it's sprouting a baby at the base! Very strange!

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one of my palms has 2 heads but no base.....no trunk....and its 3 years old....is it ever going to grow a trunk or will i have 2 trunks?

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Pam, that is strange..for such a young plant.

Alavone..What size pot is your PT potted in? If too large, it'll take longer to grow..they like a tight fit.

Has anything happened since you posted? Toni

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i want to know if possible,and how to replant ptp babys. plant has been cut 3 months ago and now there is 20 babys.

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