Elephant Ear...dripping?

adelphusNovember 22, 2004

I couldn't bear to watch my Elephant Ear die so I dug it up before it went dormant. Needless to say all the original leaves died.

Saddened, I cut them all down to the bulb and put the pot in a dark corner. Then, quite amazingly, leaves started shooting out of the bulb stumps so fast you could literally see it grow. But then something odd happened.

It started dripping from the leaf tips. I'd wipe it away but a new perfect drop would form in it's place. I was sitting under it one day and a drop would fall on me about every 15 minutes, so it's pretty constant.

Does anyone know what my plant doing and why is it doing it? And is it dripping water or something else?


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EE are a slobber mouth breed! ( like newfoundlands!) Don't worry.
The plain types are easy to store. The fancier might need special handling. LMK what kind. I have learned by trial and error.
You do have it in a cool dark dry place right?

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janlynn(Z5 So Milw WI)

I brought my EE in the house where it is in the dark, damp, cool basement and it has little drips also. But...I hardly water it and it is still growing/thriving. This is my first EE that I've overwintered and am quite happy with it. Any other ?'s lmk...

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luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)

I think what you are describing sounds like guttation. Is the potting mix wet? Generally, from what i understand, when the leaves of aroid species do this, they are attempting to rid themselves of excess water.

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

My EEs drip all the time. I have small and large types, and if they are dry or not doesn't seem to stop the dripping. I did find that the drippings can hurt other plants-my little banana sure didn't like the ee drool!! I haven't found anything to stop them, and it doesn't seem to hurt them at all.

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