loropetalum losing color

gulleyj56November 12, 2006

My purple-leaved loropetalum has turned green and that's a disappointment. Any ideas as to why? I live in southern California and my only idea is that the plant is getting too much sun. Do they tend to lose their color in full sun? Is there anything special I should be feeding it?

Thank you.

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I'm in the SE US and mine take full sun just fine. They will change color throughout the year. Mine right now have older foliage which is a purplish-green, the outer 12" of newer growth is a deep purple, there are a few bright red leaves scattered around. Almost any time of year there are a few blossoms...of course more in spring/summer.

I use no fertilizer, just make sure I water if we aren't getting enough rain. There are said to be various cultivars which hold purple color yearround but most I see around town here are similar to mine. josh

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