Coleus care

carrielee_2010November 14, 2010

I have a coleus plant in a pretty large pot. I accidentally left it outside in the cold overnight and almost all the leaves were drooping or dead from the cold. I pruned them off and left the plant with a few good leaves. However most of the stalks are bare. The tallest one is about 1'8". I have been reading that they should be cut once they reach 4"-6". Should I go on and cut the stalks down that low or do I risk putting my plant into shock? Please help me. I dont want to lose my plant.

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carrielee, observe closely the stalks from top to bottom. The dead part will be black in color which will transition to a yellow/brown (I am not good at describing colors) or green. I would cut back the stalks at this level and remove and discard all the dead material. The standing bare stalks will leaf out. Keep the container in partial/dappled shade and protected from wind and cold.
Good luck! Because Mother Nature bats last.

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