Wind Tolerant Cold Frames

jchizmar(5)January 9, 2010

Living in blustery central Illinois, I am having some issues with cold frames (and a hobby greenhouse) blowing away. I was wondering if anyone had seen wind tolerant cold frame designs or had any tips?

I'd like to avoid the hobby greenhouse episode again ... it was very sad to see the aluminum frame wrapped around a tree in my yard.

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We're not "blustery", we just have really wild windstorms all year.

A hobby greenhouse needs to be anchored with deep stakes or bolted to a slab. A cargo net over the top, staked deeply, should hold it down.

Keep temporary cold frames as low to the ground as you can, and lay a 2x4 or a line of football-sized rocks along one edge of the plastic.

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Thanks! The cargo net over the greenhouse is a good idea. I had really deep stakes on it and it still blow over. I think that day the winds reached 70mph about a mile away at the school.

I'll try for a lower profile hot house.

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Jchizmar, I have raised beds and cover them in the winter with welded wire fencing cut into 5ft lengths (wire is 48" tall)
and then cover that with 6mil plastic. Since my beds are 4ft wide and 8 ft long, this creates a cozy little greenhouse that just sits right on top of the raised bed. To keep them from blowing away I put strips of wood along one of the sides of the raised bed and fasten them with wood screws. On the
other side I just use rocks.

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