Mache/Corn Salad/Lamb's Lettuce/Feldsalat variety?

anijunga(5b)January 27, 2010

Hi there,

My dad wants me to find seeds for the feldsalat of his youth in Germany. He describes it as being narrow-leafed, dark green and with an upright growth. Apparently, they use to serve it on first-class Lufthansa flights in the 80s. Does that describe any corn salad varieties that you are aware of? Any popular varieties that you know of in Germany? It's a long shot, but I thought I'd try.



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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

I believe what you are looking for may be Valerianella locusta. I found this seed at Fedco and here is the description that comes with it:

3102VC Verte de Cambrai Mâche (45 days) Open-pollinated. A small-seeded small-leaved strain that performs especially well in cool or cold conditions and is the best kind for overwintering. May be the same variety Thomas Jefferson grew in 1810 under the name Candia.

Underneath is a tab that opens a window which reads:

MACHE Valerianella locusta

From Susan Lipari of Alpine, NY: "I grew up in Germany, and mâche was a staple winter salad green. My mother always bought it at the farmerÂs market, wrapped in newspaper. Even here, in upstate NY, Zone 5, it is quite untouched by the cold of winter. I harvest mâche all through the winter, sometimes scraping the snow off the rosettes and blowing on my freezing hands. When the weather begins to warm up in the spring, mâche begins to boltÂIn late SeptemberÂthe seeds germinate and begin to grow. By the middle or end of October I can start to harvest the new crop. I dress mâche with garlic vinaigrette and chunks of orange or tangerine. No ThanksgivingÂdinner would be complete in my family without ÂRapunzel salad." Also known as Corn Salad, LambÂs Lettuce, Field Salad and Fetticus, mâche has a unique nutty flavor.

They also sell: 3114LL Large-Leaf Round Mâche (60 days) Open-pollinated. Vigorous large-leaf type is suitable for sowing in spring for an early summer harvest. Weaver traces this strain back to the 1840s, but for centuries prior to that corn salad was gathered in the wild.

I also found it here:

I just received my order from Fedco so I suppose I could grow a seed now and take a photo for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Grow Mache

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