Help with pre-main season planting options!

Hieron(6a)January 21, 2013

Hello - Would anyone be willing to provide some suggestions/insights on what kinds of things I can plant early in the season where my tomatoes and peppers will eventually go?

I know several crops that could be planted and ready for harvest in time - lettuce, chard, spinach, radishes, and broccoli raab, for example - but from my reading this off-season I think those are all heavy-feeders and a bad idea to follow up with tomatoes or peppers. The only thing I can think of are snap peas, but they're not quite quick enough.

Anyway any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much; have a good one.


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Favas? Depends when your ground is frost free and when your tomatoes go in. Or just grow the peas for shoots if they're too slow to pod up. Personally, I don't think of lettuce and chard as particularly heavy feeders.

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Well my last frost date is 4/29, so ideally I'd like to transplant tomatoes and peppers on 5/06. Fava beans are a good idea in terms of hardiness but I don't think they'd be ready for harvest in time.

Unless someone has any strong opinions on it, I think I'm just going to plant the things I mentioned above, add some good compost after harvest, and plant the tomatoes/peppers and keep notes on how they do. I wouldn't have thought lettuce etc. would be heavy feeding either, I'm just going off what I've read this past fall/winter. Hopefully I'll learn from trying it this year and have a solid plan for next year!

Anyway thanks for the thoughts! If anyone else wants to chime in I'd always love more suggestions/opinions.

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Snow peas. They are sown before the last frost and are finished as soon as temps warm up enough for peppers and tomatos.

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