Protecting your garden

twolips(z6AZ)January 6, 2014

I have a question to ask of you gardeners, especially those of you that have problems with critters getting into your garden. I attached a photo of some type of garden tent from the UK. I would like to try and make one myself, but looking for some opinions. The picture I attached looks more like it's plastic. I want mine to be a mesh, so air and rain can get in. And maybe a little taller.

My concerns would be:
1. Would I want the top, solid or mesh?
2. Square or rectangle? Would one have an advantage, one over the other? Say 4' x 6' rectangle, or a 6' x 6' square?
3. I like the idea of having a zippered opening at each end, so I can put them end to end in longer areas and walk right through.
4. Make the bottom of the screen, from the ground up, say about 12-18 inches solid, to deter some of the smaller critters.
5. At the bottom of the tent, have material to come out across the ground, to be buried. That way when critters try to dig at the bottom of the tent, they hit this piece, plus added stability. I know, it will have to be quite durable!
Posting on a few forums, hoping to get more input. Sorry if you are seeing it more than once.
Those are my thoughts, I would appreciate your input..TIA!

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If you are not using this cover as a greenhouse, you will probably want mesh all over, if your concerns are critters such as birds and squirrels.

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Yes Charlie, just for the critters, so it will be mesh. Thanks for your input.

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What type of critters are you concerned about and what type of plants are you wanting to protect?

I would make the top out of mesh for the rain to get in.

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Hi Fishy, birds get my tomatoes, little 4 legged ones like just about any small new tender plants. Squirrels and chipmunks like to carry away my tomatoes. My yard is fenced in a way that I don't have trouble with rabbits or deer.

I plant the typical stuff, tomatoes, beans, onions, herbs, zucchini, squash, peppers, melons.

Thanks for replying.

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How about bird netting, the kind sold on roll to keep birds off berry bushes? I think I paid $14 for 100ft. Found it at Lowes. Should be wide enough to drape over your tomatoes and allow you to secure it to the ground with rocks. Lets water and sun in and you could just lift it where needed for harvesting.

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I used that this past year, did not keep on top it, meaning lifting it up off the plants as the plants grew, and my tomatoes (mostly) ended up growing through the net....uh oh!

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As I consider the comments on this string, it occurs to me that we gardeners may be discriminating against those poor, mistreated critters, like squirrels and crows. My wife has often told me on many occassions that squirrels and crows are much smarter than I am, so I consider myself to be lower on the food chain than they are. I think that any good gardener should raise enough fruit and vegetables to allow these misunderstood critters to have their fair share. Of course, if my my wife is correct, the critters will get their share and my share before I do. Therefore, to forestall any bad blood between us critters, I negotiated an agreement with the squirrels and crows that they would only take their fair share until I have a chance to get my share and I would keep my crosman pellet rifle in the house. Now the cardinals and bluejays have started to eye my cherry tree. Will these negotiations never end?

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