What I am planting before Valentine's Day

katy_bug(z8a GA)January 18, 2008

I am finally going to put out a spring garden this year. I have the garden itch really bad, but I have a 7 week old baby that has slowed me down. Here is what I plan on putting out and my goal is to get it planted by February 14th at the latest. Any opinions on these varities?

Oh - I am in Athens, GA . . . zone 7

Soil temp right now is 46.53F

Peas - Sugar Ann and Sugar Snap

Beets  Red Ace (F1)

Bok Choi - Mei Qing Choi (F1)

Lettuce  Green Ice

Lettuce Braising Mix  Hon Tsai Tai, Komatsuna, Red Russian kale, Southern Giant and Red Giant mustards, and Tatsoi

Green Onions - Ishikura Improved (F1)

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I think you could delay the peas a week or two, and you may find the the green onions from seed are incredibly slow, but all the other stuff will do great in a covered frame or tunnel. When I gardened in N ALA and later in NC, I always started these guys undercover in Feb. Have an old blanket handy to throw over your set-up on very cold nights. I've seen lettuce seedlings sail through 12 degree nights under plastic covered by a blanket.

Alas, a zone colder now, I must wait a little longer for spring...

Prepare to be wowed by the Baby Bok Choi. I grow it spring and fall, and it's great as long as I can keep the slugs off of it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grow greens in winter in a box

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I plan to plant as soon as the snow melts off the beds in my main garden. Going through my seed box, I found corn salad, baby bok choi, and lots of lettuce and carrots. I'll buy some new spinach seed, too. Those will be seeded right away, covered with a row cover, and will begin sprouting as they will over the next couple of months, with some more snow and maybe even rain before spring is official. I'll also start leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and cardoon in the house by Valentine's day. Oh, and I'll start dropping spinach and corn salad seeds in the empty spots in my winter garden (low) tunnel as soon as I get the spinach seed.

Um, and there's one last bunch of the fall-sown spinach to pick. I feel a salad coming on.


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