What are you planting now?

dixielib(z6/7 Ga)January 10, 2006

We are having a few warm days...makes me want to put some seeds into the ground. Anyone planting now? Would sugar snaps do if I planted them now? How about turnip greens, lettuce?

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plantman532000(z5 NcntrlPa.)

I'm in zone 5 and haven't started anything outside, yet. I am hoping to plant some spinach, lettuce and a few other hardy greens in my coldframes soon. With the protection they might come up soon.

John in Pa.

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kendrab225(z7 Alabama)

I am geting ready to plant sweet peas, spinach, & lettuce.

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I live on the border of 6/7. Under protection I have planted the following in the past few weeks with good success: 'Space' spinach, 'Medallion' mache, top setting onion bulbets, claytonia, parsley (no germ yet), 'Black-Seeded Simpson' lettuce, 'Sucrine' lettuce, 'Bull's Blood' beet, early mizuna, 'Bloomsdale, Long Standing.' We've had a warm winter, giving me an early start. Maybe it will last; I don't know.

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I seeded broccoli about 3 weeks ago and got a respectable number of plants - pray they don't get chomped by something. Carrots & beets are in various stages of development.

Recently seeded but not yet germinated: parsnips, chard and lettuce.

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mdgardengurl(MD Zone 7)

In So. Maryland, I've got beets, lettuces, collards, brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions and beans planted, and will plant kale and turnips this week. I will plant garlics next month. So far, everything looks great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Community Garden Website

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what kind of beans?

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I'm so excited about my fall/winter garden! Today I planted Bright Lites swiss chard; I have carrots in various stages of growth, a few plantings of spinach; beets, kale, peas just popping up, another kind of swiss chard, lettuce, broccoli, two kinds of cabbage, kohlrabi. As soon as the last of the beans and potatoes are pulled up, I'll plant garlic and onions. I may end up with more produce in the winter than I had in August/September.

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feldon30(N Houston (8))

A local nursery has heirloom transplants of brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. so I am going to see what they have. I already have a 9-pack of brussels sprouts from Lowe's which will go in the same bed as the pole beans and cucumbers.

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When I heard we were to have a week of 70's I quickly tilled up and wide row planted spinach, kale, collards, diakon, chard before it rained. Then I deep watered every other day. I have quite a nice bed of seedlings. I also started some snap peas, cauliflower, broccoli, snapdragons and pansies in flats so I could watch them closer. I have been having a difficult time with germination and have had to replant three times. I think fire ants are eating the seeds.

I plan to start tomatoes, eggplant and peppers in flats soon. We have just enclosed 3 back patios with glass doors and windows. I have been watching the temperature and it has not gone down below 55 in them. The temp shoud improve when we have all in the insulation blown in. We are doing it ourself with the blower from our lawn vac!

I have alot of plants in 2 of the patios already. Looks like I can expand the plant collection 8-]

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seeds started in my minimally heated, no lights, greenhouse over the weekend (for later transplant in the greenhouse beds):

-hybrid zucchini "sultan"*
-carrot baby "mini kinko"
-sweet pimento pepper "apple"*
-"aroma 2" basil
-snap bean, pole "fortex"*
-holy basil
-hybrid melon "ais savor"*
-"extrakta" sage
-"zefa fino" fennel
-"orion" fennel
-"giant musselburg" leeks
-gourd "luffa"*
-"superschmelz" kohlrabi
-"putzgold" pepper*
-"blauhilde" bean*
-"prague" celeriac
-"brocade" marigold

Upcoming plantings (as early as this weekend) for growing in greenhouse:

-garlic (testing gh spring-grown garlic)

*planted in bed w/ soil heated to 70 degrees.

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Sowing in a cold frame for the first time. Made it out of old glass windows in wood frames and bales of pine needles (the pine needles will go under the blueberry bushes when I am done with 'em). Sowing the following tomorrow: radishes, Danvers Half Long Carrots, Lettuce ("Romaine" and "Red Salad Bowl").

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boballi(8 Central Valley CA)

I just planted 'Wando' and 'Maestro' peas and garlic chive seeds.

I received the garlic chives in a trade. Does anyone know how long they take to germinate?


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susandonb(NC 7)

I have broccoli, cabbage, turnips, beets, spinach, escarole, lettuce and carrots all in the ground. Nothing sprouting yet, but should be soon. I have broccoli, spinach, escarole, brussel sprouts and leeks all sprouting in cold frame. Tomatos and basil are in my second cold frame not sprouted yet.

Can you tell I have Spring Fever?! :)

Susan in NC

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I have tons of sprouts from the stuff I sowed and posted about on the 11th. How thrilling! Growing healthy food in February!

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