Figs for Houston Tx

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)November 13, 2012

Looking into getting a couple fig varieties for south Houston. Ive read Kingwoods post and he says LSU Purple, LSU Gold, Celeste, VDB, and Black Madeira are the ones hes kept out of 30 or so that hes tried. Which of these are your favorites and why? Im new to the whole fig thing and with 3 young boys Im sure we will be eating them fresh. I have several varieties of Southern High Bush Blueberries in 3 gallon pots if anyone is intersted in trading for cuttings or rooted cuttings. Emerald, Jewel, Primadonna and Abundance are the varieties I have and all are 1 year old, 3ft tall and very healty. They will produce a small crop next spring.

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Your three young boys will love growing their own trees. Why? Because a fig tree actually does something, and does it quickly. Good to keep a kid interested, and they can literally watch these trees and figs grow from week to week. They will love eating figs that THEY themselves grew, and they'll become the next generation of gardeners.

There is a variety called: "TEXAS BLUE GIANT" ...and it is reported to do well in the Texas heat, and extended growing season. A quick search will get you to the nurseries selling this fig. The fig varieties that you mentioned should all do well in your location. Your climate zone will give you many options.

Have fun, and good luck.


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wisner_gw wisner

I started my fig growing from a Celeste tree from my Grandparents house. This year I bought a Champagne which is a LSU variety that is yellow in color. From what I have read the Celeste is the most commonly grown fig in Louisiana. It is the fig I grew up eating. Have you eaten any fresh figs? I would choose a variety that you feel you would enjoy eating.

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Thanks for the replies. I've tried 1 fresh fig before like 10 years ago but all I remember of it was, "very sweet"! No idea of what variety it was though. I think it's time I try one again? VDB, Madeira and Celeste from what I've read about them seem worth a try. Anyone with these varieties want to trade a blueberry plant cuttings/young plant?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Drop me a email Bamboo_rabbit AT

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Sweet Bam;)

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