fig tree cuttings for trade

grant_n_georgiaNovember 19, 2010

Hello all:

I am very new to figs, I have a couple fig trees but never gave them much thought beside pruning and picking a hand full as a snack when I would pass by. I have a bunch of land I would like to plant some with diffrent types of figs here in southeast ga. This will be a hobby thing for me and I will most likely just do two acres or less of fig trees.

I will be taking cuttings soon off of what I'm pretty sure is a type of brown turkey fig tree. The tree is atleast 50 years old, over 20 feet high and close to thirty feet across and lives on the back side of the stables. There were many 5 gallon buckets full of figs picked from the tree this year.

I'm looking to see if anyone would like to trade cuttings ( as soon as I take them, I will store them in the fridge after there cut). I would like any kind of fig I'm not picky, but it would be nice to know what they are.I'm looking to get a good mix of trees..

Anyone that would like to trade cuttings feel free to contact I said before I have not taken any cuttings yet seeing we are still wearing short sleaves down here. As soon as the tree is dormant I will get to it.

I aslo posted this on the figs4fun site also.


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Grant, you need to activate your email on your profile so that people can contact you. Also there were offers on the last thread that you started about this, did you see that?

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Looks like you did. Good luck to you and happy fig growing!

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sergnic(z9 Italy)

Grant, i'm in Italy and I do know very well English languge.
I've possibility to have (and send) various type of Italian fig (cuttings or rooted, not only "american" varieties) but I think to do not do change of money, but only change of materials, Please send me a message (you can find my e-mail).

** I don't have only so strange late fig. (see my message for late fig here near)

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I think I have my email up now.. .. if it didn't work.. yes I posted the other day about getting cuttings then I thought about to fig outback and I may do better offering to trade..

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My neighbor down the road said she has a large LSU Gold fig tree that I could have some cuttings and take as many as I like to trade for other types of fig cuttings.....


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