going to be a tough winter

thetmanDecember 1, 2011

well it seems the deer are starting early this year on my property. They are already eating blue points, blue rugs and other various junipers around the property. It seems that the lack of acorns this year means they will be more aggressive. last year we had tons of acorns and the deer weren't too bad. Kind of ironic- this year the whole property is fenced except the entrance to the driveway (which is on a semi- busy road) so they now walk right down the driveway- which they never did before. So far they haven't touched any spruce varieties or my green giants. I guess its time for a gate now.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

That'll tee off the UPS man. That's what someone told me once.


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Well then UPS can pay for all the damage then, nobody comes between me and my trees! I guess I would just have to be here for scheduled deliveries- smaller stuff I just get delivered to my work. But it seems I am definitely going to have to put up something quickly. I was talking with some hunters nearby and they said the deer are going into panic mode already because of the acorn shortage which is why they are already eating things which are "so called" deer resistant- like the blue points. ugh.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Sorry to hear about your deer problems. They can sail across fences pretty easily. Especially if they are hungry. We use electric fences around here. Thankfully the farmers around leave enough corn standing so the deer have something to eat most of the winter.

Good luck with adding a gate. Hopefully they will be deterred and go after something a little easier to get at.

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aspenacres(5b BC)

Deer can be a real problem sometimes. I hope they stop eating your plants and that a gate will stop them. Across town there is a development at the base of a mountain where they have problems with bighorn sheep. All the ornamental grasses are short and the shrubs are rounded at almost every house.

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yes, I've seen them jump fences very easily-but I am hoping if the gate is more solid like the surrounding fencing they can't see what is on the other side (even though they already kind know) and won't jump it- I am going to try and make it at least 7ft. tall too. Last year before i Had the finished fencing done I only had a cheap home depot gate along the whole back property (around 400ft) and they didn't jump it- but again last year's acorn population was out of control
( which explained the abundance of chipmunks this year). I've got hundreds of shrubs and trees that have been planted and don't want to take any chances. But so far it is a good testament to green giants-they definitely prefer all the juniper varieties over them so far.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Never had a deer eat on a Green Giant here either or Hetz Wintergreen Thuja. And I have a lot of them. So far four years.


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well that's encouraging for me to hear. I haven't had any eat blue points before either but seems like the times are changing. I just don't want them to decimate the junipers and then move on to the green giants. I have alot too-at least 150 or so, and I definitely don't/can't possibly replace the.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Large nursery here has fields of Green Giant and lots of deer reports no damage.

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