Looking for fig cuttings

LipstickPlantNovember 2, 2012

Hi friends, I am desperately seeking fig cuttings but so far no luck. I've posted in the exchange section but it doesn't seem anyone is interested :( At the moment the only thing I have for trade is a little (Inga Edulis)Ice cream Bean seedling for 4 fig cuttings. This is so it evens out the cost of postage on my end.Would anyone be interested? It doesn't matter what variety and ignore my zone. I love planting things out of my zone just to "have them".I know it'll be a lot of work but I'm up for the challenge. Your cuttings will be given to a very loving home and they will be given extra attention and care. Thank you, fingers crossed*

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Sorry for the late post.

I will gladly give you three free cuttings, hopefully of different varieties. I'm in Florida and have over 50 ripening figs on my trees. Come mid-December, the fruit will have mysteriously disappeared, and I can safely take my cuttings.

Email me at budbackeast@aol.com in December and I will shoot you some cuttings. Free fig cuttings, free postage. Best deal in town.

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What a heart warming jesture by budbackeast.

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I grow my trees because I always have done so, because I love yummy figs, and I will let my trees grow large allowing me to give trees away. This might make some of the forum's commercial growers a bit unhappy, but this is not about just them, it's about lovers and growers of fig trees. Again, email me in mid December and being Santa Clause, I'll put some cuttings into your holiday stocking.

And Santa never charges, nope, not even postage. Ho ho ho!

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Budbackeast gave me some cuttings last year. I caught fig fever and now have about 20 fig trees.

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Hello Toucan!

I sent out a lot of cuttings to folks. Some did not survive, but others did, I am told. Glad you have all these trees, although, you do know of course, these trees get huge in 10 years. You will be getting buckets of figs before that.

I went all organic this summer. Built an organic orchard and put in 9 trees which I'd had scattered in 3 yards (my neighbors and I are that tight). One tree died, but the rest are taking off, so come spring, there will be lots of cuttings.

And just as the Buddha sat beneath the fig tree, we will all soon have trees big enough to do the same. That will be a very good thing.

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Wow, not even postage! Very kind, good fig karma.

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Hello Budbackeast ,

You're very kind person and very generous .
The more you give then the bigger ,healthier and more productive your figs would be..

God bless you my friend...


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Hello everybody on this thread. Thank you so much for the kind words. Want free cuttings? Just ask.

You know, I didn't even think twice about giving away the cuttings. It doesn't dawn on me to charge people. But when I went to Ebay and looked at fig cuttings, boy! The prices! For friggin' figs! Ugh!

Figs are the first tree mentioned in the Bible. I've heard that they are mentioned in the Koran. They are central to Buddhism. How can people charge for figs and fig trees?

I give away the fruit and the cuttings, and pot dozens each year and give them as gifts to anybody around here who asks. And yes, I buy nice pots and build good, organic soil for them. It's the right thing to do.

Everybody is all worked up over some election or whatever is going on this week, but I have higher priorites than to get caught up in all that. On Tuesday, I vote to go eat breakfast in a nice restaurant just to overtip the waitress. I vote to cut my neighbor's lawn for free, and as my reward for being a conscientious voter, I shall rewards myself by going in the back yard and eating the now-ripe figs. Purple, black and white figs are now ripe, and will be wonderfully overripe and mushy sweet by Tuesday. Don't know about others, but I know that my votes count! :-)

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Budbackeast, now I agree with you about what to do on Tuesday. I just wish everyonhe was like-minded. Your generosity is great but when you give, I'm sure you get back in some way or the other. I hope I can remember to email you so Santa can put a fig or two under my tree.

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Tonight I started a "fig cutting list" document on my computer. You may ask to be put on the list now rather than wait until December. Email me a name and street address, and I'll do the rest.

But I am wondering if the cuttings can be rooted and planted indoors in the winter. I'm guessing so. If your cuttings die, let me know and I'll replace them.

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Hi, budbackeast:

Could you please tell me if your fig trees
are the productive types?
I don't have an acre in the garden so I would
appreciate this info very much!


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What varieties do you have? Do they have mosaic virus?

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Hello fignewbies: I have 8 trees right now, with over 50 figs ripening. These trees are still small, having been transplanted in the recent summer. Very productive trees.

Hello cis4elk: Yes, they have the mosaic virus. Every tree I've ever had came from clippings, and all had the virus. On the up-side, it doen't seem to affect growth or fruit production or fruit taste.

I'd have replied earlier, but I've been out in the back yard eating some of the ripest figs. Just now. Earlier today, A Greek customer gave me a cutting from his tree. No idea what it is yet, but the small 10" branch has 5 half ripe figs on it. I must remove them, as it is a cutting and the fruit will steal all the energy from the cutting. And yeah, it came from a virus-infected tree too.

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