What can I plant now

mrsnatural1962(eastern NC)March 15, 2004

It is March 15th . What kinds of plants can I plant now,that would live if some frost hit them.

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

These babies would withstand a bit of frost & can be sown now:

chard / leaf lettuces / mustard greens / mesclun mix / turnips / radishes
spinach / cilantro / carrots / parsley (tho very slow to germinate)
chinese cabbages (bok choi, joi choi, mizuna, mispoona...)
snow peas / snap peas / green peas
(note: pea vines are hardy but not the pods, which won't be up for another 6-8 weeks anyhow)

That's all I can think of right now. Anyone else?

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gardentechz7nc(z7 NC)

Along with what Bushpoet suggested I would suggest that you plant your Irish Potatoes,Beets and Head Cabbage, whatever varity you like. Also get your onions in the ground


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enjayare(z6 NY)

Hey bushpoet, your from my neck of the woods (where I grew up anyway) Now I am slightly up the river in Tarrytown. WE can plant those NOW! Who Knew!

What about Brocolli Rapini - I started them too early and I would love to get them in the ground

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bushpoet(z6 Bronx NY)

That's right, Gardentechz7. And I just remembered the cool-loving flowers like violets, heartsease, moonflower & california poppies.

enjayare, if that's broccoli rabe you could try hardening off for a week or so then leaving them out under frost covers? But I suspect they are really a fall crop & might bolt... I understand your frustration though: some of my wintersowing sprouted before I could get them out of the house (LOL) and I've been babying them under lights - but the maters & peppers are clamoring for more room, so I'm going to attempt to harden them off to a hoophouse this weekend (gorgeous weather today in NY, eh!).


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