should I paint my coldframe?

leira(6 MA)March 10, 2012

Hi all,

I've built a coldframe out of pine boards and an old window. I'd initially intended to leave the wood untreated, and accept the shorter lifespan, but then I bought galvanized hardware, and started to consider that it might be nice to go the extra mile so that it lasts longer.

Is there any reason that I shouldn't paint my coldframe with exterior latex paint? Is there something else I should use instead?


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So Someone suggested linseed oil in lieu of paint.. I guess less chemicals.

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Linseed oil is generally sold as boiled linseed oil. I believe they add a variety of solvents. What I have used on my coldframes is tung oil. It does take a few weeks to get it finished as the oil takes time to penetrate. Also on the bottom few inches of the wood I use paraffin wax.

The pine if set out untreated will probably warp within 1-2 years.

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