Plant / Harvest spring veggies before planting summer veggies

racheledwMarch 2, 2007

I want to plant spinach, lettuce, beets (for the greens), and swiss chard in the spring (March), but I'm not sure if I'll be able to harvest all of them before it's time to plant my summer garden in May. I plan on direct sowing the pole beans in the same place that the lettuce will be growing. I want to grow spinach where my cantaloupe is going to be planted, and I will be moving my pepper and tomato transplants into the same place that I was going to grow some of the other leafy greens. Is it possible to do this? Any experience or advice would be appreciated.

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If you do a cut & come again salad bed or "baby lettuce heads" it should work out fine :) fortunately, many lettuces & other greens need not be grown to full size before harvest.

I usually add the maximum from both the days to germination and the days to harvest to estimate the amount of time under less than ideal conditions (i.e. shorter days, cooler weather, etc.) Some plants will come in under target others may need an additional 10% or so.

Another trick is to slip the transplants directly in with the with almost full grown crop in hopes that you will harvest the old plants before the new ones grow large enough to need the space. And, some shade is okay in this case because you can use the shade from the almost-ready-to-harvest plants to transition/harden off indoor started seedlings for the outdoor full sun conditions. Just be very careful when you harvest.

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