Help make my backyard not smell

tjain_seattleMarch 22, 2014

This may not be the right forum, Please let me know where should I be posting

My neighbors pets are completely taking away our access to our backyard. The neighbors have service dogs, 3-4 of them and I don't think they ever clean the yard or dog poop.

My backyard smells like a zoo because of this.

I have guests coming to stay with me in summer. I would like to enjoy my yard without the smell. What flowers/plants can I plant to make the patio area smell good. I went to the mall today and got a great smell from a white flower bush.

I think it was Jasminum sambac. Is it possible to buy this and grow this and make my summer better

I am in Seattle, WA.

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zzackey(8b GA)

You should be able to buy some Jasmine Sambac. And maybe some big gardenias in bloom. Can you say something to the neighbors or call the county enforcement office?

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Thanks. Can I buy these plants (already in bloom) in Seattle. My neighbors are differently enabled and I dont have the heart to go and tell them anything about their dogs who help them in day to day life. I am hoping the flowers do the trick.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I have no clue what is for sale in your area. You'll have to look around. Sorry, I'm sure your neighbors have enough problems.

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You can spray the mixture of Vinegar and warm water in your yard.When the vinegar becomes dries, it has no scent at all. Availability of strong acid in Vinegar neutralizes the bad odour. It is a good way to avoid urine or poo smell from your yard without affecting your grass, plants and soil of your garden...

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Cold Hell:

>> My neighbors are differently enabled

What is that supposed to mean? Do you mean that they are pathetic and need pity? That they can't handle responsibility? That you need to treat them like they're less than children (who can pick up dog poop at three)? Paraplegic, quadriplegic, blind, deaf, are all words you can actually use.

If these are guide dogs then their owners have made an agreement to (among other things) clean up after them and if they do not then the dog school can take the dogs back.

Call the dog school. The school's name will be on the harness on the strap under the control handle at the leash clip. With counseling, they will fix this problem. It's not fair to the school or the dog or the neighborhood and it's insulting and unfair to us responsible guide dog owners.

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amanda_m(z7 MD)

I agree that you should have a gentle talk with the neighbors to encourage them to clean up after their animals, but I understand it would be a sensitive talk.

Still, you have the right to enjoy your yard. Have you considered using a product like a Yard Odor Eliminator. Petsmart and Petco sell several brands. You hook it up to your hose and then hose down the yard. You could get out there sometime and hose down the neighbor's yard and eliminate the lingering odor.

But unless you remove the source of the problem (neighbors not picking up the poop) it's going to be a neverending situation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Petco's brand

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Definitely agree with the idea of talking to the neighbors. If their disability is something like blindness, you may need to consider scooping it yourself. I know that you are not obligated to be responsible for the problem, but the summer heat will only make the smell worse, and no flower will be able to mask it.

If nothing else, consider it a kindness to the dogs; I'm sure it's no fun to be outside in a yard that has so much poo that the neighbor can smell it.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

I have a scent problem from neighbors as well-besides their dogs it is the overwhelming scent of pot which they smoke outdoors every couple of hours, the wind usually blows it uphill to us.

I am planting roses etc to help with the odors, but I would suggest since you are looking for a certain time of the year to cover it that you wait until just before your company comes so you can buy what is currently in bloom. Maybe ask at a local nursery and not a box store for plants that the leaves have scent as well. You could go our there and rub some leaves and get a different scent.

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zzackey(8b GA)

Why don't you turn them in? it is still illegal here.

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