Negronne Fig(Violette de Bordeaux)

herman2_gwNovember 14, 2006

I have to report that in this second,year of life Negronne was giving me Four figs that were very good tasting,they did not split anymore,as last year.

I planted it in the ground,last fall and it died down to soil line last winter ,but still managed to grow up 20 inches and give me some fruits.

And i think it got adapted fast to our rainy sommers.

Very good fig for north east and NEW JERSEY.

Every fig lover in north east should have one!!!!!!!.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Herman, are you saying that Violette de bordeaux and negronne are the same fig?
and some say petite nigri and negronne are the same.

I do have violette de bordeaux, still too small though.


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I don't know the growing habits of the mentioned varieties in the NE. I received a very-small, rooted PN from George last year. This year it has grown (in a pot) two main branches off the trunk. One is about 3.5 feet tall and the other is about 2.5 feet. It produced about a dozen figs (which the birds ate). It has been my most vigorous grower this year.

I also rooted several PN cuttings. I'll take one to try growing it next year in NJ and see how it does. If someone wants to provide a VdB and/or Negronne, I'll grow them side by side and do a taste test over the next few years to see if they are the same ;)


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I just received my violette de bordeaux from EdibleLandscaping and it is absolutely beautiful; very different from my other figs. It seems to me to be a very regal little fig- and very happy (healthy). It also seems very strong so it will be planted out with the big boys next Spring- can't wait!
As far as the different names- I'm clueless!
Thanks all and take care,

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Well, I do have my PN (2000 ,Park Seeds) and VdB (2002, EL)
next to each other and buried in pots). First of of all, I
would like to say that one should wait 4+ years before
passing an judgment on these (THEM) figs . This year, both
of mine performed as initially advertised; small roundish
blackish skin (with little black dots), a good red insides (eye appealing - rather than longish /pale insides) and a
very good tasting figs.

Both Pn/VdB fruit seemed same to me this year (but unlike LSU.P which was in my tio my mix - confusion).

Both (PN/VdB) are ~4' tall plants, but I do not keep any records my pruning. I tend to
agree that PN is somewhat more DWARFish than VdB.
I am amazed how my tiny PN (that I gave to James) grew so
fast and how Herman came to so fast a good conclusion.

I recently posted a question about the BLACK, NERO, NIGRA
NEGROONE, bla, bla, bla, etc ., misused fig name.
Gene, answered mesomewhere , but I cannot recall where...?

George (NJ).

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Well Negronne,and Viuolette de Bordeau fig are treated as the same fig in Hilgardia,By Ira Condit.
Now Petite Black From Parks Seed is different than Negronne.
So Bass :I am not saying that.
Also Wayside Garden is selling Negronne,on their site and i am not sure that is the real Negronne.The real Violette de Bordeaux is in the UCD Collection,and i am not sure but i have a hint that Negronne is a different fig but the collection doesn't have it.
So ,I think Petite Black from Parks is a different cultivar,on it's own,not related to Negronne NOr VDB.
Hope this will help

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Well George i came to the conclusion that PN,is not Violette de Bordeaux,because:
AS noticed by me and other people that got PN.,This fig has various shapes of leafes starting from entire to five finger+two tumbs,on the same tree.Also some entire Branches have entire,mullberry like leafes.
_On the other hand i have two VDB>,coming from Two Different sources and they have uniform Five fingers with Two very small tumbs,most of times.
That is how is different.
So i have no doubt they are different.

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

Herman, my Petite nigri leaves are the same as yours, here's how mine looks like.

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Here you Go Bass:Now why do not you show a VDB,set of leafes.?

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tallclover(Zone 8 Maritime Pacific NW)

I grow several varieties in Zone 8 of the Pacific Northwest and Negronne is one of my favorites. I've posted photos in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Negronne Fig photo, a.k.a. Violette du Bordeaux

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