2012 Best Blooms from Houston - Round 2

dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)June 16, 2012

This is the follow-up to my other post from late April (I've linked Round 1 at the bottom of this post for anyone who missed it or wants to revisit it).

Since I don't have time to do this every day, I'm only posting the best photos from each cultivar in the garden. So here we go...

BECAUSE OF YOU (Maryott) - I have this and WORLD PREMIERE planted next to each other. They are siblings from the same cross, and my opinion so far is that BECAUSE OF YOU is the better of the two. It has just a slight eye that almost disappears some days.

BLUSH OF SPRING (Petit) - Planted last fall as a DF. It bloomed its heart out and tried to rebloom, but it looked stressed so I cut the scapes. Better scapes (branch/bud) than some of the plants I've had longer.

BROADWAY REVIEW (Grace Stamile) - I like the orange color into the throat of this one. Looks a lot like its grandparent STRAWBERRY CANDY.

CITRIX (Stamile) - If you've seen CITRIX before, you knew what it was as soon as you saw it. Opens well every day.

FIRE AGATE (Stamile) - This is my favorite daylily that I grow based on overall plant quality. It grows and increases very well, has not rusted despite being in an untreated seedling bed, and has good strong scapes. Floyd Cove and AHS DB both list it as 23", but I think that's a mistake, since it's consistently about 33" here. The flower is sometimes single and sometimes double and I love the color. I have a lot of pods on it. :)

FREE WHEELIN (Stamile) - I included FREE WHEELIN in Round 1, but I'm posting a new picture because this photo won best in category (Single Bloom) at our local club flower show.

JUDY FARQUHAR (Stamile) - I have to be honest; I don't care for this. It doesn't always open well, usually because the big fat edges stay partially rolled in.

LAHOMA'S LEGACY (Travis) - Gift from the hybridizer (who also happens to be a forum member here). :) It had just finished blooming when I planted it, and now it's blooming like crazy on four rebloom scapes. Big and sturdy diploid.

RAY SOUTHWORTH (Travis) - Also a gift from the hybridizer. Also blooming like crazy on reblooms.

RED VOLUNTEER (Oakes) - It's just a single fan for now, but I've seen it enough gardens to know it will be great.

ROYAL GLORY (Breeden) - Received from the hybridizers, a local couple. It is just a single fan, and it got stomped to almost nothing by siding installers, so it was my last daylily to put up its first blooms this year (ignoring the few that haven't bloomed at all). The purple is hard to capture on camera. Another big-flowered dip.

SOUTHERN WIND (Stamile) - This one looks a lot like JUDY FARQUHAR to me, but it seems to be a little better (funny since it's older). Still not a favorite.

STRAWBERRY CANDY (Stamile) - See? I told you BROADWAY REVIEW looks like it!

WALKING STICK (Eskine-Eskine) - Another local product from a member of our club. It is registered at 60", but my initial scapes (on a brand new plant) were *only* 44".

WORLD PREMIERE (Maryott) - This is the sibling to BECAUSE OF YOU. It has increased a lot, but the flowers almost never open right. Sometimes they get hung up on their own ruffles, but usually they just stop opening before they flatten out. It's a shame because they look good when they do open flat.

Garden shot - TIC TAC TOE (Maryott) foreground, DARK REFLECTION (Kelly Mitchell) on the right, and you can see BOLD MOVE (Maryott) with the brick red blooms in the background. All three of those were planted in 2010, and all have had excellent reblooms this year. The tall bluish flower is agapanthus (also known as African lily or lily of the Nile).

Garden shot - BOLD MOVE upper left with all the pods. RAY SOUTHWORTH upper right. STRAWBERRY CANDY middle. "Bela Lugosi 1" lower middle. SCREEN PATTERN (Stamile) lower left. SKINWALKER (Ned Roberts) lower right. I've described before how my "Bela Lugosi" is not right - BL 1 blooms relatively pale, doesn't open right, and only blooms for two weeks. BL 2 (the buds to the right of BL 1 in this photo) begins right when BL 1 stops blooming, and it's a little darker, also finishing in two weeks. At this point they're just keeping the seats warm for better plants.

Garden shot - These were all new last fall, and they're next to our composters in back. SOUTHERN WIND top left. WHEEL OF TIME (Petit) top middle. It has scaped a couple times, but the flowers haven't been opening all the way. WALKING STICK top right. RED VOLUNTEER bottom. The two unopened scapes on the upper right are BLUSH OF SPRING.


Here is a link that might be useful: 2012 Best Blooms from Houston - Round 1

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Dementieva, I have to say from all the beautiful shots, Broadway Review is my fav. I also love Southern Wind. It's one I have had for several years that usually does well for me. Not this year though. No blooms but them I have to contend with voles and they have been very busy. Thanks for the lovely tour! Ellie

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I love WORLD PREMIERE and I love the garden shots, especially the one with TIC TAC TOE. All very pretty.

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Great photo of Free Wheelin! Fire Agate came here as a bonus and is pretty tall so maybe the 23" is a typo??

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I enjoyed the garden shots. Like the color of Blush of Spring, but would like to see the scapes, since some of Petit's are too short to suit me.

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shive(6b TN)

It looks like Ed's plants are doing very well in your garden. The shot of RAY SOUTHWORTH is really pretty! Of those two Maryott sibs, I think WORLD PREMIER is the prettier of the two. Too bad it has trouble opening. My favorite photo is the gorgeous shot of FREE WHEELIN'.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I dont have a favorite as I like all of it and love the garden shots, very pretty.

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I appreciate all the detail on performance. One can get one nice picture of almost any detail, but performance is something else.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Mantis, BLUSH OF SPRING is registered at 25" high, but I measured at least one scape at 28". A lot of plants were scaping at or slightly above registered height this spring, maybe because of the warm winter and good early rains.

Debra, Ed's haven't been in my garden very long so I think they're still benefiting from his care, but I know he puts a lot of value into whole-plant performance.

Dipsandtets, FIRE AGATE was a bonus for me also. Several of my favorite daylilies are the ones that came as bonuses.

Thanks all for the compliments.


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Hi Nate, being our climates are similar I really appreciate the detailed info. regarding the different cultivars. Your garden shots are very pretty.

Your Freewheelin & Citrix are my favorites. Are there any that just will not grow in your climate? Since ours are similar I could apply your experience to my garden as well.
Off to visit the link you placed at the bottom the post.
Thank you! Rena'

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This post was very enjoyable, informative and useful. You have a lot of lovely Stamile's. Your photo of CITRIX caught my eye because I don't have any this shade of orange,and it is just so uniquie with that perfectly round marking. I have BECAUSE OF YOU on order from Maryott's, so I was happy to hear some positive comments there. Then you made me laugh with your remark that BELA LUGOSI is just keeping the seats warm. I have had a similar disappointing experience with this one - third year in my garden and still only one fan with low bud count. 2 seats down from BELA is one planted the same spring that has sent up 13 scapes (LADY LUCILLE), and last year was reblooming in early October.
Thanks again for the tour of your gardens.

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Julia NY(6)

Nice grouping. I have BECAUSE OF YOU here from Maryotts which loves warm temps. Can be tempermental.

I always wondered about CITRIX and if it would do well here.

Nice grouping and interesting post.


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Beautiful photos it's hard for me to pick a favorite but I will go with Royal Glory since I'm partial to lavenders and purples.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Rena, nothing I have is older in the garden than June 2010, so I'm trying to reserve judgment on them unless they do something really bad. But I pay a lot of attention to what other people says will grow well before buying. I transplanted Maryott's MANGO NECTAR to my dad's place in Arkansas because it was getting really crispy last summer, but most things I have are doing well so far.

Christine, I don't think my "Bela Lugosi" is quite correct. It came from American Meadows, probably tissue cultured and not field grown. The fact that two plants of the same cultivar have different bloom seasons and colors right next to each other is a dead giveaway that something is wrong. This is one of the reasons I always buy from daylily specialists now.

Funny how many Stamiles made this post...I guess my Round 1 post was more diverse. Anyone who missed it can find it linked at the bottom of the first post in this thread.


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I enjoyed the tour and your comments! My favorite will be Free Wheelin, and it's a great picture. I also love all the garden shots.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Thanks for the tour and especially for the comments. I've bought too many for the pretty face and ended up disappointed with the performance. Citrix and Freewheelin' are my favorites.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Your garden is beautiful, and Dark Reflection looks great in it.

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brittie(Houston 9a)

LAHOMA'S LEGACY is my favorite, but they're all pretty spectacular!

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