tastiest fig varieties

tropicalfruitmanNovember 17, 2009

What would you say are some of the tastiest fig varieties of them all?

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My tastiest fig is,fig Adriana an italian fig.Ciao,

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Hi Giuseppe,
I am glad that I have that specimen (no fruit yet).
I just send a little twig to be next to her brother...

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Col de Dame White is the best tasting and most consistent flavored fig I have ever eaten. However, it is a late season fig and may not do well in many areas. It needs a long hot climate to reach its full potential. My zone 9 climate can ripen this fig to perfection. Here is a link with other opinions on good tasting figs........


Here is a link that might be useful: Good Tasting Figs

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The answer really depends on your taste, and the climate in your region. In my pacific northwest yard -

Brunswick = sweetest but not reliable
King or Desert King = second sweetest, reliable summer crop of breba
Hardy Chicago = more 'figgy' flavor, late summer main crop, reliable, not as sweet

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