Figs on tree in November... Zone 5

igor_sqa(5)November 19, 2010

I have a few trees with small figs still on the trees that I am putting away into the garage for the winter.

Question: should I remove the figs before putting the trees away? Figs are about the size of 25c...

Also I took one into my sunroom about 3 weeks ago with hopes that the figs on that one would ripen... Well, three weeks later they are still not getting any softer.

Any advice? Should I keep it indoors or put it away for the winter? Same qustion as above if I were to put it away... what do I do with the figs on the tree?



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I do not believe anything good is going to come out if you leave the figs on the trees in Zone 5 inside the garage except most propably some mold on figs sooner or later. I always remove figs when storing plants for winter.

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Thank you...
Any chance that the one in the sunroom will ripen?
Or should I put it away for the winter?


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