a few pics of my fall garden

luckygal(3b)September 24, 2010

I don't really plant much for fall color as our fall is really short and we can have early and severe frosts which decimate everything. This month we've had a lot of rain and only a couple of mild frosts (and one brief snowfall) so the garden hasn't totally succumbed.

This is a vine maple and the path I *misplaced* early this spring. I pruned this plant severely as it had been badly pruned at the nursery and needed a better shape. Of course it grew like crazy after pruning and the path is way too close. I'll move the path in the spring.

This is a maple tree that the deer have already pruned. I can't protect every plant from them.

Still a few blooms. The perennial sunflowers are my most prolific fall bloomer but will give up when we have a severe frost.

I have a lot of deadheading yet to do but do enjoy the few fall blooms that are still there.

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Hi, Did you see my post to you on the project thread?

We have had several hard frost. Everything was black. I just cut down a lot today. It poured this afternoon so I didn't get it all finished. But I am almost done for the season. YaY.

One of my maples is almost bare already. The other two are in beautiful bright colour.

Nice photos. I dug out all of my lambs ear this summer....it was spreading across the lawn. Uhhh no, so its all gone now.


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Very pretty colors. I like those stones for the pathway.

I'm with you... misplaced things as well. I never seem to believe the tags that say how tall and wide things are going to go. :-/ Got overwhelmed today while working outside. My garden and I were not in harmony.

Those yellow flowers are so pretty! Coupled with the yellow, it looks kind of like spring.

Speaking of which... it was 94 in Pittsburgh today! Geesh. We've been hot since March. I think it supposed to cool off tomorrow so maybe it will be more enjoyable working outside.

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Thanks Sierra and Scully!

Sierra, just looked at that thread, not keeping up well these days. I got the irises at a locally owned nursery. I got Loop the Loop, Pink Attraction, Mallory Kay, and Midnight Oil. Botanus has them in their collections but at a higher price. Glad I held off on ordering from them. My maples will soon be bare as we had strong winds today so glad I took the pics yesterday. IKWYM about Lamb's Ears. So far mine haven't spread into the lawn altho they seed all over the beds. I have yarrow in my lawn, oh well, at least it's green and soft underfoot!

Honestly, Scully, I don't know what I was thinking when I put those stepping stones so close to the maple. We made those rhubarb leaf stepping stones years ago. Hope it cools off for you, it's so hard to garden in extreme heat.

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Luckygal- Such pretty pictures! You have so much nice fall color :)

We're just starting to get some color on the trees. I love those perennial sunflowers...I'm going to have to try some next year.

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Thanks LL - these perennial sunflowers are very hardy *except* the horses love them! I used to have them near the fence next to the pasture and the horses leaned over and ate them! Fortunately the plants are tough enough to survive.

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