SoCal Fall/Winter Gardeners?

phil.bunchMay 23, 2013

I am planning a major fall/winter effort this year and would like to chat with folks who have been doing this in the coastal San Diego or Orange County areas. I'm actually in Lemon Grove.

Thanks, Phil

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In Laguna I plant Broccoli and cabbage as soon as the summer greens are spent. Usually the peppers and tomatoes are still going strong. When tomatoes are done, I plant beets, carrots and collards. I have two small, raised beds and a vermicompost to feed the beds.

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So you get good germination during the hot fall weather? Being more inland here it gets hotter. I keep thinking the cool season crops may not germinate well or that it will be very difficult to keep the the seeds moist.

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I'm in coastal San Diego. My two big rules for fall are to plant the garlic near Columbus Day and the seeds for (short-day only) onions in November.

You're right - if you're not truly coastal it will be too hot (and dry!) to plant too early.

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Winter is awesome in SoCal. I'm a little north of you in Santa Barbara, but even with less daylight and cooler teps, my winter gardens are nearly as productive with less upkeep from watering and pest prevention.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Square Foot Gardener Blog

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Good question. I'm in Santee and have been trying to figure out the same thing. It's been cool so far, but it can get and stay in the 100's until mid October.

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Very cool summer so far. What will you be planting?

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I'm in Santee too. Been doing fall/winter stuff for quite a few years. I'm no expert but I have learned a few things over the years. What you need to know? If I can answer, I will.

One thing that you may all want to know for the warm areas, and that includes the coast in Aug/Sept/Oct. -----

Indoors, under shoplights for a lot of my starts and/or get transplants from the nursery(no big box stores). It's just too damn hot to get brassicas and lettuces going in August outside. Same thing with onions(short day) so that they're ready in mid Oct. Actually, I do the same for my spring plantings also. Why worry about slugs et al nipping at my sprouts when I can just plant well established seedlings?

When it gets too hot after I transplant in late Aug/Sept,, shade cloth or old sheets work wonders during the peak of the day.


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