arborvitae and snow damage

hogan_njDecember 7, 2011

I am not sure if i am in the right place for this question but i want to wrap my arborvitae this year with burlap. They are about 7-8' tall. How much do you think I need per shrub?

I have 20 of them.

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Throw that burlap stuff away and go to the hardware store and buy a roll of twine. You can even buy it in green.

Start at the bottom with about 2 ft. centers on the wrap. Two people can do it in no time at all.

May I ask what kind of arborvitaes they are? Some are better at shedding heavy snow loads then others especially if trimmed into single leader plants.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

google tractor supply.. believe it or not ... there are a bunch in nj ...

get the twine at the link.. one HALF MILE ... for $20 ..

it is a two person job .... get someone to grab the tree a foot or two up from the ground... make a circle.. pull it snug.. but not overly tight.. tie it off to itself ... and then start wrapping in a candy cane manner ... up to about a foot from the top. and then back down ... and tie again to itself at the bottom ...

understand.. that all you are doing ... is closing the pores .. lets say ... where snow might gather .... YOU ARE NOT TIE-ING IT LIKE A MILITARY CAPTIVE ... it really doesnt have to be all that tight..

what you are doing.. is making the whole tree .. a single branch.. which will hold itself upright ... rather than a plethora of single branches which will bend when weight is applied ...

the beauty of the twine.. is you can throw it all away in spring ...

wrap your head around this: WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO STORE ALL THAT BURLAP YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BUYING???? for next winter ...

i wish i had a picture.. but i dont ... maybe someone else here has a picture ....


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

found a pic at the link ...

and let me clarify .. the candy cane pattern .. the wrapping of the twine .... one foot to 1.5 feet apart ... we are NOT talking inches, for sure ...

God.. mind fart on the spelling of tying.. lol ...

i did NOT read the article .... i was focused simply on a pic ...

but i dont like tying it off at the top ... just not enough structure there.. so i wind it back down at least half way ... actually.. you need not get closer than a foot to the top.. because there is just not that much plant to support itself.. and if the tips get bent from ice.. short of breaking.. they will straighten themselves in spring ...

and NEVER tie to the tree itself ... basically you are putting it in a macrame bra.. support only ... lol .. you would not tie them around your neck ....

all this said and done.. if you get some incredible snow dump.. it doesnt hurt to bundle yourself up and go out with a broom and reduce significant weight... you dont have to 'clean' them.. just knock off excess ... just be gentle ....


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Thank you, great idea and saves ton of money. Your right storeing the burlap would be a pain.

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