Bare Root or potted?

bhawkins(8A Dallas)November 10, 2012

For my other fruit trees I always plant bare root. But I'm wondering for figs if they're different. Which is better; planting the 3 ft tall containerized figs I see at local nurseries, or planting bare root mail order figs?


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Depends on how long the stock has been bare-rooted. I would expect some set-back with the bare-rooted stock, as it establishes a new root system. With good culture, the fig trees will take off after putting on new roots. Treat bare-root stock just like giant cuttings.

Containerized plants will just start where they left off. Of course, that's assuming that the containerized plants are healthy, and not root-bound. Just slip them out, and plant.

I see by your posting that you grow other fruit trees. Fig trees are way easier, as long as you meet the cultural requirements for Winter protection.

Just my thoughts.


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