Growing Artichokes indoors and out

phishead03(5)June 19, 2010

I started my first vegetable garden this year, and wanted to try growing artichokes for next year (I've hear it takes a couple years for them to mature). I live in a very cold climate (Wisconsin), so year round growing would need to be done inside.

My question is.....should I just bring the plant inside this winter and put it back outside next year? OR.....should I just let it die off in the winter and come back next spring.....

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Neither -- you won't have any success with traditional artichoke varieties like Green Globe or most of the Italian ones in our climate -- they can't overwinter outdoors and are too hard to overwinter indoors really without a greenhouse. I have had some success overwintering the roots by digging them fairly late (around Veteran's Day) and overwintering below the frost line in a deep pit lines with straw.

What you need to do is plant Imperial Star or Emerald, the "annual" types that bloom the first year from seed following a vernalization treatment -- start seeds indoors in March, move the little plants outside in April so they get a good dose of chilly weather, then plant, and they'll bear artichokes from around late July into October.

There are a lot of threads on here about this. Do a search for Imperial Star and they should come up.

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